When Thinking of Exit, First Think of The Beginning

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December 1, 2022

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

Welcome to December, I’m here for the month as a “single parent” in Chiang Mai (wife in Bhutan for a month) with a six and eight year old  – so squeezing in this newsletter as they watch iPad. 

Today’s podcast is one that really got me to think – Coran Woodmass, a returning guest and previous speaker at our Cross Border events, is essentially retired and investing full time. 

He comes on the show to discuss alternatives to selling your business, but to me the thought provoking part is – “why start a business in the first place”

So instead of exiting, we talk about starting – and then exiting. 

Some bloopers and hiccups as we recorded this one outside, and the rain hit us!

Never stop going for your goals and pushing your boundaries – hear my reflection on the show in the “blah blah blah” section at the end.

Listen or watch the show here.



Mike Michelini
December 1, 2022


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