Is the US-China Conflict More than Just Trade?

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This week: E-commerce Should Be Embraced, Not Feared — Amazon VP, Is the US-China Conflict Over More Than Just Trade? If So, Hong Kong Needs To Prepare and Japan Enables Instant 24/7 Fund Transfer Across Banks

Greetings from Bangkok – the madness of October and events and trade shows is upon us and the intensity is on for Cross Border Matchmaker event in Shenzhen, China next friday Oct 26. Look forward to seeing you there. 

And also you may notice we are doing more webinars and trying new things- Global From Asia is 5 years old now and we are working hard to find the perfect mix for you – replies and feedback always help.

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We are looking for a supplier who is willing to export WOMEN’S FABRIC to Myanmar. Since we are a fledgling startup, we would like to start small but after a few good runs, we would scale up our orders. We would like to seek a partner whose demand for MOQ is reasonably minimal.


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E-commerce Should Be Embraced, Not Feared — Amazon VP
On the same day that Sears, the American department store chain and former retail giant, declared bankruptcy, an Amazon executive said there is still opportunity in retail, and that the rise of e-commerce should be embraced, not feared.

Is the US-China Conflict Over More Than Just Trade? If So, Hong Kong Needs To Prepare
Political elements are unavoidably intertwined with trade when the two major world powers are in a wider war than over tariffs alone. Hong Kong has to be well prepared, economically and politically.

Japan Enables Instant 24/7 Fund Transfer Across Banks
Consumers can now transfer money to other bank accounts at any point of the day in a 24/7 service unveiled by the Japanese Bankers Association (JBA), reports The Mainichi. 

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We discuss Amazon PPC, building a brand vs selling on Amazon, product selection strategy, Q4 thought process and thinking about Chinese new year and new production orders for 2019.

Join The FBA Business Partners Talking Shop & The Future with Marc Roca

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The goal of ePacket is primarily to boost global trade between the US and China. ePacket was a solution agreed upon between the USPS and China Post. It was called “ePacket” because the package must be lightweight and the name also implies that the concept was specifically designed for e-commerce.

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Let’s join Cross Border Matchmaker event at Shenzhen China with Meir Simhi, Chief Executive Officer of Brand Masters. See you there!

Meir Simhi – Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 on 26 October 2018

Sent October 18, 2018

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