Will Hong Kong Be Able To Escape the Coming US-China Trade War?

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This week: Tencent’s WeChat Widens Service Fee for Users of ‘Card Repay’ Feature in Digital Wallet, Hong Kong Cannot Escape the US-China Trade War Unscathed and Lending Crunch Fails to Cripple Japan’s Mega Banks as They Join World’s Largest 20 Lenders

Regards from Manila, Philippines – just landed a couple days ago and enjoying time doing a few workshops and training for the team. The GFA team in PH has been growing – our main hub is Cebu, but spend time in Manila and Cebu about equally (ya, I know – no time to go to the beach!) Next week will be in Thailand – first time for my wife in these countries.

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Business Help & Opportunity

Our company is looking for a company to do the stock management for us in Hong Kong. At the moment, we have about 300 knives and about 20 woodcutting boards in Hong Kong in Stock. Now we are looking for someone to handle the order processing and dispatch of the orders for us. We have just arrived in Hong Kong with our brand, which means that we do not yet have a very large flow rate.
Would they be willing to do this for us? And if so, would they be so kind as to send me an offer?

Order Processing and Dispatch

Business News From Around Asia

Tencent’s WeChat Widens Service Fee for Users of ‘Card Repay’ Feature in Digital Wallet
WeChat, known as Weixin in China, has around 1 billion monthly active users and serves as an all-in-one platform for social networking, mobile payments, ride hailing, food delivery and more. About 13.6 percent of users are signed up for the credit card repayment service, according to data from Penguin Intelligence, a data and analytics firm, which focuses on internet industry trends. 

Hong Kong Cannot Escape the US-China Trade War Unscathed
Beijing and Washington apparently have just the opposite views. Then how about Hong Kong, which remains an independent and free economic entity under “one country, two systems”? Can Hong Kong try to remain neutral so as not to be dragged too far into this row? The city may once have hoped so, but that is very unlikely to be the case now.

Lending Crunch Fails to Cripple Japan’s Mega Banks as They Join World’s Largest 20 Lenders (broken link https://asianbankingandfinance.net/retail-banking/news/lending-crunch-fails-cripple-japans-mega-banks-they-join-worlds-largest-20-lender)
A widespread lending crunch brought about by dwindling loan demand fails to dampen the positive course charted by Japanese banks as they muscle their way into the world’s 20 largest bank rankings based on Tier-1 Capital by The Banker.

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This week’s podcast

This week, we have Chris Rawlings, CEO and Founder of Judo Launch a hot new startup helping Amazon sellers launch their products. We connected as I’m an alumni of Chinaccelerator (class of 2012!) and he just wrapped up his time there. We met at Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen he hosted a round table and we are both making things happen.

For years, consultants could register a HK company on behalf of a client without too much hassle. Many websites listed a “buy a HK company now” button and could file a company for a client. The Hong Kong regulators have now put in additional steps and requirements for companies to do this as a service. 

The Further Tightening of Hong Kong Regulations: New Policies In Place

Tired of the business conference and want to relax and also have some adventure? Combined with powerful networking with other top cross-border e-commerce business executives? Talk about a winning combination.

Hong Kong Yacht Retreat

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