The Danger of Trade Tensions Between the United States and China

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This week: Are Chinese e-commerce Platforms Ready for a Luxury Update?, Ant Financial Taps Blockchain Technology to Offer Cheaper International Money Transfers and Bank for International Settlements Chief Says ‘We are Entering Into a Dangerous Dynamic’

As I prepare to move to Thailand, reading some of this USA and China tension news is interesting timing. I won’t say I told you so later, but it just so happens to be a good time #noitisntwhyimmoving 

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Looking for information on how to import 1 piece of cooking equipment from US into China for a new restaurant. Shipping weight approximately 1,200lbs. Size approximately 125 cubic feet.

Information on How to Import

Business News From Around Asia

Alibaba and Tencent Join the Effort to Woo Younger Hongkongers
Hong Kong’s sovereignty returned to China in 1997 but the Chinese government has found it hard to convince some Hongkongers, especially the younger generation, that it’s been a welcome homecoming to their historical and cultural roots.
Via Renaud Anjoran 

Are Chinese e-commerce Platforms Ready for a Luxury Update?
From TMall’s Luxury Pavilion to’s Toplife, China’s e-commerce giants are expanding into the luxury sector through customer insights, hi-tech experiences, and exclusive offerings

Ant Financial Taps Blockchain Technology to Offer Cheaper International Money Transfers
Blockchain, the digital ledger technology behind cryptocurrency bitcoin, provides a series of networks of databases that let users create, disseminate and store information securely and efficiently, eliminating the need for a central authority and providing greater transparency for transactions every step of the way.

Bank for International Settlements Chief Says ‘We are Entering Into a Dangerous Dynamic’
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) urged the world’s top central banks to keep lifting interest rates on Sunday, but warned escalating trade tensions between the United States and China could turn into a dangerous downward spiral.

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This week’s podcast

This week’s show, we have a hot FinTech startup here – Neat HK – I call them a “bank” but they won’t say they are. They have been working hard on a personal and business financial services solution in HK for years and today we have 2 of the founders on the show to talk about the story and explain their solution more.

To open a Chinese bank account as a foreigner is a good way to do some business or shop online. The process is not complex, and the accommodating banking staff will be happy to serve you. There are simple steps, however, that you need to follow in opening a personal savings account or a multi-currency savings account.

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Miao needs to use an Apple IOS developer enterprise program account to distribute an in-house app. If you have such account already set up, or you can have company details to enroll an new one on, they will need to use your credentials of the account or the distribution certificate so they can upload the mobile application.

NDI Group Cameroon is looking for a qualified Project Manager, Civil Engineer & Human Resource Manager to work on contract for a bridge repair project. 

ExpressVPN can be used with a desktop, laptop, computer, smartphone, router, or tablet. More so, when you are using three devices at the same time, it is fine. There are no technical skills required. The application is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up, install, and then connect.

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