How Short Will Videos Get On E-Commerce?

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This week:Taobao Launches Short Video App to Drive eCommerce, How Does Super Typhoon Mangkhut Compare to Hong Kong’s Previous T10 Storms? And Will a Cashless Society Lead to Chaos?

We are almost a month until Cross Border Matchmaker in Shenzhen,China – Friday October 26, 2018 – full day event with amazing people sharing and connecting. Getting great feedback from many and look forward to being back in China and meeting a lot of you – check out the details of CBM2018 here 

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I want to import organic health products. They are dried leaves and twigs from a tree which are an immune system stimulant and anti-oxidant. Also some skin remedies etc. Could anyone point me in the direction of someone who can assist with getting licences and approvals for this type of product?

Business News From Around Asia

Taobao Launches Short Video App to Drive eCommerce
Alibaba Group Holding’s Taobao is making a move into short video, launching its own stand-alone app aimed at letting users show off their goods to each other on the consumer-to-consumer platform.

How Does Super Typhoon Mangkhut Compare to Hong Kong’s Previous T10 Storms?
Nestled within the intertropical convergence zone – an area where northeast and southeast trade winds converge – Hong Kong is no stranger to stormy weather.

Will a Cashless Society Lead to Chaos?
Technology is great when it works, goes the adage. Yet the past few weeks have seen some stunning examples of how bad things can get when it doesn’t.

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This week’s podcast

This week’s show is a different style – we are taking small clips of various team members and going “Behind the scenes” at GFA to see who is doing what and what we are really working on all day. We are fully online – and it is an amazing thing that made my move from China to Thailand a lot less stressful – at least business wise.

Meet the Team At Global From Asia

This week’s blog post

There are tons of guides on how to open a Hong Kong company but not many on what to do after you’re all setup. Banks, money flow, invoices, customer handling, today we will give some important tasks you should do once you establish your business. While we’re focusing on Hong Kong in the guide, this can be for your company anywhere in the world.

The China trip is a full, hands-on experience like no other. Join a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the biggest trade fair in the world – the Canton Fair. Visit it with experts to understand how the manufacturing process is done, and then take a guided tour of the market with local experts.

We are excited to see you here at the Global From Asia Market! Let’s connect quality service providers in Asia with business owners around the world!

Have only been in Thailand for about a month and have been back to Hong Kong and various cities in China a couple times already! I think it is just the transition and there have been some close events that have been hard to move. After this Yiwu trip the back and forth should slow down.

More China Trips & System of Events in the Future

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