World’s Largest Bridge Over Water Planned To Be Finished This Year

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This week: Grandmother and Disabled Husband Used to Live in Rooftop Shack in Hong Kong – but Housing Scheme Has Given Them New Start, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau: World’s Largest Bridge Over Water and Can We Celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong in a Meaningful, Sustainable Way?

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Business News From Around Asia

In an effort to provide shelter to homeless people, Hong Kong government launched a housing scheme that aims to help at least 1000 families over a three-year period. Tang, one of the beneficiaries, has been beyond grateful for at last they will have a decent home that she and her family can live in to.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau: World’s Largest Bridge Over Water (broken link
HKZMB (Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge) construction began on 15th of December 2009 and is expected to be completed before this year will end. Despite the benefits of the said mega-size sea crossing bridge, lots of speculations were rising from left to right since the beginning of the construction up until today’s date.

Can We Celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong in a Meaningful, Sustainable Way?
“Buy Smart Buy Less” was the banner displayed outside Times Square, December last year. It was the campaign of Greenpeace activists in hope to enlighten people not to overspend during Christmas season. Hongkongers are known to spend more than what’s needed during Yuletide season and it’s already a usual thing for them. It’s still not late though to change the old habit and become a wise shopper. Let’s read some tips to reduce overspending.

Hong Kong Disneyland raises ticket prices by up to 9%
From Friday (Dec 15), it will cost a little more to visit the happiest place on Earth. Just two weeks after reports of the suspension of its signature nightly fireworks display, Hong Kong Disneyland has hiked ticket prices by between 4 and 9 per cent.


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This week’s podcast


We are interviewing SerpentZA (Winston Sterzel) – China’s first vlogger and an all around amazing guy. He has been keeping up consistent video creation dating back to 2006 in China, riding the filtered Chinese internet enough to keep his subscribers happy and growing his fan base. We get him on the Global From Asia TV show (and audio podcast) to share his journey making a top Youtube Channel.

Building Up a Youtube Channel From Inside China with Winston Sterzel, SerpentZA


This week’s blog post
The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM2017), is an event connecting E-Commerce sellers and suppliers growing in the global market. CBM2017 brings manufacturers, cross border E-Commerce sellers, Product suppliers and major E-Commerce platforms together to seek cooperation and opportunities to grow their business.

Recap of Cross Border Matchmaker 2017

Looking to Experience China manufacturing? In the electronics and hardware capital of the world: Shenzhen, China? Then take a Hua Qiang Bei trip with experts who have been here for decades! On January 6, 2017, join us as we visit the Shenzhen Electronics Market and get exclusive content and connections.

Take a Hua Qiang Bei Tour!


Frank Velasquez, will create and run a Facebook Marketing campaign that is highly targeted to any market and audience you are looking for. The ad will run for 1-7 days, or more, depending on client’s budget and will provide results as well as feedback for future campaigns.

Highly Targeted Facebook Campaigns


If you are a natural salesperson, Asia needs you! Come out and apply for opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the budding Southeast Asia business market. Positions come in the form of sales seats, account managers, or business development. They all really boil down to a main core skill – being able to understand people and bring opportunities to the company. If you are able and interested in leveraging your people skills to build up a company, there is an opening for you!
Our featured member this week is none other than, our CEO, Mike Michelini. Mike has been an amazing boss to his employees, always making sure that his staff is satisfied and happy in his company.
Leo Liu entered the business in 2006, their earliest product is Solar Fountain. Naturally, they want to provide sellers with the strongest protection we can so that they feel safe investing in their products.

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