Hong Kong – the World’s Least Affordable Housing Market

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This week: ‘New retail’ is a Boom in China, but too Early for SEA, Live in a Drainpipe? Quirky Ideas to Solve Hong Kong’s Housing Crisis and Hong Kong Banks’ Loan Growth May Slow to 5% in H2

Greetings from an airplane between Kathmandu and Kuala Lumpur, on my flight back from this long expedition with my wife. We just passed August 8 – a memorable date for me being 8/8 was the day the Olympics came to China in 2008 – 8/8/08 – eight being a lucky number in Chinese. Can you believe that was 10 years ago and it was my first year living in China [photo here]. 

And now I am preparing my new life in Thailand, probably for another 10 years. What is your next 10 year plan?

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We all have that moment when our Amazon support gets out of control. We thought the CRM can manage and make them organized, but, it is still the same, jumbled raw data and messy conversation threads. However, ChannelReply has its integration that can help you with this problem.

Business Help & Opportunity

Looking for people who have a need for RMB in China, so we can mutually complement our needs. Typically we have a constant need for: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF. We have accounts in HK, Singapore, US, and Europe to receive funds and we can remit funds to any RMB account within mainland China.

RMB to Foreign Currencies Conversion

Business News From Around Asia

‘New retail’ is a Boom in China, but too Early for SEA
After Alibaba and JD, the term “new retail” is back in headlines as Luckin Coffee, China’s most recent unicorn, challenges Starbucks with app-based ordering system and cashless payments.

Live in a Drainpipe? Quirky Ideas to Solve Hong Kong’s Housing Crisis
For eight years in a row, an international survey of nearly 300 cities has named Hong Kong the world’s least affordable housing market. Located on a group of hilly islands and a corner of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong has always been short of places to build. 

Hong Kong Banks’ Loan Growth May Slow to 5% in H2
Hong Kong banks are expected to lend less in the second half of the year with total loan growth poised to slow to around 5% by end-2018, according to OCBC Treasury Research.

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This week’s podcast

Today’s show definitely is going to be in the podcast’s lifestyle category. Chris Osborne is an amazing entrepreneur and we are both adjusting to “digital nomad family” lifestyle.

This week’s blog post

We know that English is our universal language. The English language is considered as a ligament that holds different people from different countries together. It has become the common language that connects us to the world.

Becoming An English Teacher in China

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is an engaging interactive conference happening on 12 October 2018 in Shekou Net Valley, Shenzhen, China. It brings together top Chinese and International Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce players to discuss current issues and trends in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Cross Border Matchmaker 2018

Jasmine is a freelance Chinese-English Translator based in Shenzhen. As a translator with over 10 years experience, she is familiar with the culture difference between China and the Western countries. Besides of translation, she can help you with sourcing, setting appointment with manufacturers, follow up your order, arrange shipping, etc.

Hong Kong -Shenzhen Cross Border Private Limo Service

Job of The Week

The Global From Asia team is born and bred as internet marketers, and if you have experience or skills in it and can’t find a good opportunity from our GFA job directory – we’d even consider adding you to our team as well.

Aurelia Pay is a leading cross border payment service provider based in Hong Kong that is founded by Simon Lim. It provides a money transfer platform focusing in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Greater China. 

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