Wuhan Has No New Local Cases Since Outbreak

China has reported that Wuhan has had no new local cases of the Coronavirus since the outbreak began.

No New Cases

China’s health commission confirmed that there have been no new local transmission cases of the Coronavirus. This marks a major milestone in the fight against the pandemic. It is especially important since it has taken place in ground zero of the outbreak, Wuhan. 

There are new Coronavirus cases in the country though. This was reported last Thursday. However, these news cases are all from people who have come from overseas. 

Due to these recent improvements, Chinese officials have relaxed some restrictions. Now, people living in residences are allowed to go out. This only applies to compounds that are considered “virus-free” though. 

These people are now allowed to leave their homes and participate in certain activities. There is only a certain time frame when these activities can take place. 

If an area has not had an incident with the virus, people can go out as long as they do not muster in groups. More than 5,000 residential areas are considered virus-free. This currently constitutes almost 80% of all residential areas in the city. 

Despite other Asian nations also passing through the infectious trials of the Coronavirus, there are growing concerns of a coming second wave. This second wave will be from people who have come from overseas.

Taking the Lead

The Coronavirus outbreak started in China. At the start, there was constant criticism on how China hid important information from the world. They were also criticized on how slow their response was to the virus. 

However. it has not affected their initiative to take the lead against the virus. In fact, Beijing has set themselves up to be the leaders in the battle against the Coronavirus. They are doing this by lending assistance to countries that are affected by the virus. 

Previously, they sent testing kits to Cambodia. In Italy, where they have totally locked down, China has also sent ventilators, masks, and even medics to help the European nation. 

The Philippines has recently locked down large parts of the country as well. China has pledged to provide assistance to the Philippines. They have also pledged assistance to Spain, Iran, and Iraq. 

Currently, China has over 81,000 cases since the start of the outbreak. Only 7,100 have remained ill since then. 

There was a spike in infections recently. However, this was caused by people coming from overseas. More than 30 people who recently arrived tested positive for the Coronavirus. This brings the total number of infected foreigners to 189.



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