Year End Discussion on Ecommerce Buying/Selling (Plus Behind The Scenes Video)

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December 15, 2022

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

We are approaching the end of another year. Another notch in the tree, another checkbox in the journey of life. Whatever has happened to each of us this year – good / bad / ugly – let us try to always realize we are learning and growing. 

I for one have never been pushed and pulled and transformed – launching 2 new brands and re-invigorating a third – with a whole lot of drama along the way.

Today’s show is something we need to keep in mind – selling our business. The Amazon FBA aggregator space has seen tremendous ups and downs and we bring on a guy who has seen it first hand. 


A fascinating – and LONG – discussion. 

PLUS – after the interview, Faith- our amazing co-host – and I – MET IN PERSON in our Shadstone company (Ninja) retreat and walk around the venue showing off some of our amazing team. 

Have massive excitement for 2023, and will be doubling down on e-commerce even more.


Mike Michelini
December 15, 2022


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