Nothing serious?

Good evening from Canada…well, it sure has been an interesting week. The Trumpster, no sooner than backing off from Mexico, decided to up the stakes with Turkey while at the same time downplaying Iran’s apparent attacks on 6 oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz over the last 2 weeks as, “nothing serious”. Folks, I don’t make this stuff up … Read More

Way Too Much Happening

First off, it was this, the 2nd week of June, that saw such a huge change for the better in the world’s fortunes 75 years ago. Nations put aside their differences and worked together to overcome the hate and tyranny espoused by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and proved that working together could be done and that the whole was greater … Read More

And They’re All Painted Black

Good morning – or, rather, it’s morning but there’s not much good about it news-wise. Everywhere one looks it seems like the Rolling Stones sang, “and they’re all painted black”. Just a few months ago economic pundits everywhere were extolling the ongoing economic expansion while casually drowning any meek voice of dissension in a flood of supporting drivel. And now … Read More

Just Saying!

Good afternoon…by the time you all (or should I say y’all) will be reading this, it will be Friday…so the 13th issue of Global Gab is coming out on a Friday – I did not and do not intend to make fun of anyone’s beliefs or superstitions….the reason that I pointed out such an abstract correlation is to clearly demonstrate … Read More

Through The Roof

Man, I don’t think that The Donald is draining the swamp, so much as he is roiling it! I have written this week’s ‘weekly’ (more or less) column twice already and deleted same because they were stale dated before I could press the “send” button. Stress? Through the roof! How can anyone make future plans when the leader of the … Read More

Building “Charming” Developments

One of the foremost lessons of Sun Tzu in The Art of War is that a good general does not seek to fight and always looks for an alternative, particularly a back door. The Government of Taiwan especially embraced this strategy when they started ‘encouraging’ investment in Mainland China, and indeed they subsidized almost all the losses that occurred to … Read More

Don’t You Just Love The Adjectives

To all you wonderful folks out there in la-la land, Happy May 1st….if you’re in (most of) Europe, you get a day off; in China, you are getting 3 days (and, no, you unacclimated Westerners, this does not necessarily amount to 5 days off as this Sunday is for most going to be a work day, and last Sunday for … Read More

If there’s no report, it didn’t officially “happen”

I hate to say it but it seems that we are getting to the point when it is going to be the inmates who are going to be running the asylum. In Dallas County, Texas, the District Attorney the other day said that they would no longer be prosecuting shoplifting under $750! Yes, you read that correctly….US seven hundred and … Read More

May you live in interesting times

To all you loyal readers clamoring for a resumption of the column, thank you and here it comes. For those of you just sparing a few seconds from an already hectic schedule, thank you for the time. I hope that you find the results to be both interesting and of assistance. Just to recap, every figure that I use is … Read More

Many More Wish They Could

Due to matters beyond my control, this is going to be the last in the series, for awhile at least. So I’m going to depart from the issues that I raised in the last few Gabs – after all, expounding on politics is a thankless task – As Emma Goldman so poignantly and pointedly declared all those years ago, “If … Read More