How To Deal With the Next Mass Data Breach

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We are located in Pakistan and are interested to set up import & export company. We intend to import from Europe and then ship the goods to Pakistan.


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Mike has asked me to supply a brief column that would hopefully lucidly (and, even more hopefully, succinctly) elaborate on the “events of the day”. It used to be that all of us going/dealing in foreign countries were considered to be outsiders but, given the issues with which we currently have to deal on an ongoing and increasing basis, it’s getting to the point that almost every sentient being on this Planet Earth is a Stranger in a Strange Land (with apologies to Roger Heinlein). 

Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line With Secondary Revenue Streams
For marketing leaders, it’s essential to demonstrate commercial acumen, by having an awareness and understanding of not only your role and department but that of the wider business and its financial growth.

Hong Kong’s Government Tightens Grip, Moves Closer To China
Hong Kong’s government has deployed an elite police unit for political monitoring and surveillance as it tightens the political screws and moves closer to mainland China.

Preparing Yourself and Your Customers for the Next Mass Data Breach
Following these widespread data breaches, many banks have rapidly increased their cybersecurity budget and embraced new identity protection protocols to best protect their customers’ information. The problem with this approach is that while technology has consistently evolved quickly to keep up with changes in business and consumer demands, the security measures surrounding it have struggled to maintain the same pace.

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We are talking Crypto here at Global From Asia. I know – some of you feel it is all scams – but there are legitimate projects and initiatives happening. By you subscribing and listening today I assume you like and trust us here at GFA – so hear us out. 

Crypto Talk, Applied To Asia, & Supply Chain Applications with Shill Nye

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The best thing about retail arbitrage is that it doesn’t require you to create or introduce a new brand to consumers; therefore, the startup investment isn’t that big. On the other hand, sourcing products to resell is a major drawback – it can be time consuming and risky.

Private Label and Retail Arbitrage – Which is Best?

It is official – after three consecutive years in Shenzhen, China – the summit itself is going “Cross border” with its fourth annual conference held in Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

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We are settling in nicely at the new house, the daily flow is going well – but just as things are getting smoother – I remember (luckily!) that my visa entry is expiring! As a US passport holder I get 30 days tourist visa on entry into the Kingdom of Thailand.

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