Episode 300 released (and my 39th birthday)

Dear Readers,

Greetings from China quarantine Shenyang, China. Today is my birthday, 39 years old. If you asked me last year where I would be on my birthday this year – never in a million years would I say back in China, and on top of that, in a Chinese quarantine.

Maria Gee and I have the exact same birthday – to the date and year – and we found out at a networking event in Bangkok in October. The joke was we would try to meet in person and celebrate…..well, physically not possible. Literally.

By the time this email newsletter will go out, we’ll have finished 2 webinars today and have filled our first group buy factory direct order for Loadpipe.

If you want to watch last week’s webinar replay – hop on over here (limited time).

We also had a fun triple header podcast this week, episode 300.

Stay positive, and try to make the most of your alone time.


Michael Michelini
April 2, 2020

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