US/China Trade War Tensions: Jack Ma Will No Longer Bring 1 Million Jobs To USA

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This week: When Selling Online, Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Your Emotions, Hong Kong Government Bans Pro-independence Party and Fund Transfers Between Alipay and WeChat Pay Around the Corner

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Hello. I would like to order from a supplier in Guangzhou, and I want my products to be stored in a warehouse in Hong Kong (I myself am based in Hong Kong)


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Taobao Launches Short Video App to Drive eCommerce
US/China Trade War Tensions: Jack Ma Will No Longer Bring 1 Million Jobs To USA
Alibaba’s founder and chairman Jack Ma says the Chinese mega e-commerce company no longer has plans to create 1 million jobs in the US, citing the ongoing trade conflict as the reason Alibaba is retracting its promise to Donald Trump. 
(thanks Yung Chung for digging it out)

When Selling Online, Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Your Emotions
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, or maybe even used the line, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Well, when it comes to ecommerce, that saying goes from being a lame excuse for a breakup to a likely truth as to why your store is not seeing success

Hong Kong Government Bans Pro-independence Party
The ban comes amid growing concerns those freedoms are being eroded under pressure from Beijing. It is the first time that the territory has banned a political party since it was returned to China from the UK.

Fund Transfers Between Alipay and WeChat Pay Around the Corner
Hong Kong customers of Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two dominant cashless payment operators in China, the world’s largest internet market, will be able to transfer funds from each other for the first time, through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Faster Payment System.

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This week’s podcast

Welcome to the Ecommerce Gladiator series and we am excited today to bring into the colosseum – our newest gladiator – Para Living Inc’s new partner and General Manager – Marc Roca!

Turning Around An Amazon FBA Business with Marc Roca

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Supplier Compliance Check

I’m sitting on the floor – pavement – here in Promenada mall in Chiang Mai – hoping that I make it to get a queue (number) for my daughter to convert her tourist visa into an education visa. This has been about the fourth or fifth day of this saga – depending on how you count it (some days we didn’t count as we couldn’t get a number).

Getting My Kids Immigration Visa To Thailand

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