Jack Ma Sends Coronavirus Aid to Europe

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has just sent essential important supplies to Europe. These supplies will aid Europe in the fight against the Coronavirus. Europe has become Ma’s latest target for aid. Recently, he had just donated more than USD$2 million to Australia to speed up the development of a Coronavirus vaccine. He also sent a million face masks to the … Read More

Worldwide Food Concerns Overshadowed by the Coronavirus

With news of increased Coronavirus cases and lockdowns always present, worldwide food concerns have been largely overshadowed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently elevated the Coronavirus to a pandemic. Thus, it is now classified as a disease in most corners of the world.  Global news all but confirms this new classification. Every day, there is news about new cases … Read More

Philippines Capital Placed on Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

The capital of the Philippines – Metro Manila – has just been put on lockdown due to the rapid increase of Coronavirus cases. President Rodrigo Duterte gathered media for a press conference today. In the press conference, he announced that Metro Manila will be put on lockdown. He did so after raising the alert level of the Coronavirus to Code … Read More

Japan Opens World’s Largest Hydrogen Plant

Japan has just opened the world’s largest hydrogen plant. The largest hydrogen plant in the world just opened this past Saturday. It is the biggest facility to burn hydrogen and provide clean energy. Apart from the technological marvel, this also marks a sort of resurrection for Japan.  It has been almost nine years since certain parts of Japan were ravaged … Read More

Coronavirus Lessens China’s Gas Emissions

The Coronavirus has lessened China’s greenhouse gas emissions. They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Ever since the Coronavirus started spreading, people were hard pressed to just find the edges of the clouds.  Interestingly enough, scientists just saw a small part of the Coronavirus’ lining. They found that China’s greenhouse gas emissions were declining due to the virus. … Read More

Details About Entering China Amidst the Coronavirus

With the infection rate of the Coronavirus, China has mostly been cordoned off. Numerous safety measures are in place to ensure that people are kept safe.  As one can imagine, this hindrance to travelling has been like the Coronavirus unto itself. This goes well beyond the people of China. It has affected factories, people, and businesses from all over the … Read More

Global Sources Spring Show Series Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Global Sources has just cancelled their Spring Show Series. They did so to protect people from the Coronavirus. Global Sources is a Hong Kong sourcing company. For more than 10 years, they have set up exhibitions and sourcing events for people around the world. One of their well-known events was Global Sources Electronics. It is the largest electronics sourcing show.  … Read More

India to Find Alternative to China for Source of Items

India is trying to find an alternative to China for the source of some of their items. The Coronavirus has affected China’s businesses and factories. Recently, the majority of these have closed down. The Chinese government wanted to control the spread of the Coronavirus. The fallout was that China was not able to live up to their place in the … Read More

Factories Start Reopening as Coronavirus Slow

China’s factories start reopening as new cases of Coronavirus slow to a crawl. For the recent months, people have been prohibited from working. Most employees were sent home. As many as 300 million workers were not able to work. Big businesses and factories had to close down for almost three weeks.  These were done in order to prevent further spreading … Read More

Tokyo Olympics Possibly Postponed Due to Coronavirus

The International Olympic Committee is looking to postpone or outright cancel the upcoming Olympics. This could be the case if the fast spreading Coronavirus is not handled. As of now, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is still slated to take place. A tradition such as the Olympics is a big event that means a lot to many countries. However, if the … Read More