Hong Kong Protests Drastically Drop Hotel and Airfare Rates

Current Hong Kong hotel and airfare rates have drastically dropped due to the sustained protests. The hotel rates have dropped to as low as $7 (USD), while the airfare rates are at $150. (USD)  Hotel? Apartments? Or Hotel Apartments? Winland 800 Hotel is a three-star hotel in Hong Kong. It can be found in the Tsing Yi district. It has … Read More

Saudi Arabia Strips Dress Code for Female Foreigners

For the first time in history, Saudi Arabia will be relaxing the female dress code for female foreigners who are coming in to their country. Opening Doors Women who live in Saudi Arabia must wear an “abaya” at all times. This is the long black garment that covers most of their bodies, save for their hands and face. Even when … Read More

Hong Kong Real Estate Prices Stay Strong Amidst Protests

Hong Kong real estate prices and demand stay strong despite roaring protests.  For the past few months, the people of Hong Kong have been engaging in massive protests against the government. Due to these events, tourism and retail profits have declined.  However, one thing that has not wavered is the demand and the sky-high prices of real estate in Hong … Read More

Drone Attacks Cut Saudi Oil Production in Half

(Aerial view of Khurais oilfield, which was attacked by drones) Saudi Arabia’s oil production was cut in half after several drones attacked their facilities. The drone attacks were claimed by Houthi rebels from Yemen. Last Saturday, the Houthi rebels claim to have orchestrated several drones attacks to Saudi Arabia. The drones attacked Saudi Aramco, the oil company owned by the … Read More

Hong Kong Retailers Suffer Due to Protests

(Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, the biggest shopping district, suffers the most from protests) Hong Kong retailers are suffering due to the ongoing protests. A great number of these retailing shops could be forced to close down by the end of the month. This would displace thousands of people, leaving them jobless.  The Protest Effect The overall feeling in Hong Kong … Read More

China’s Pork Supply Hits Low Levels

(China’s pork market amidst the African swine fever epidemic) China’s pork supply has reached low levels. Due to this, several cities within China have resorted to releasing their emergency supply of frozen pork meat.  Currently, there are four cities that are relying on this emergency supply of frozen pork. The combined population of these four cities comes to approximately 130 … Read More

Taiwan Warns Against China Travel After Businessman Detained

  (A moment of the protests going on in Hong Kong) A Taiwan businessman was detained in China last 19th of August. Due to this occurrence, the ruling party of Taiwan has warned all its citizens about travelling to Hong Kong or China.  The Detained Businessman The businessman’s name is Lee Meng-chu. He is 43 years old and was visiting … Read More

First Female Singapore President Visits PH

The first female President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob is visiting the Philippines to celebrate the anniversary of both country’s diplomatic cooperation. Yacob is in Manila for a total of five days. Her visit will last from the 8th of September to the 12th.  Yacob’s Visit Yacob’s visit looks to be a busy one, as she will be attending numerous events.  … Read More

HK Leader Carrie Lam Withdraws Extradition Bill

Carrie Lam as she speaks on withdrawing the extradition bill Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, will be withdrawing the extradition bill that was proposed last February 2019. Lam’s decision comes five months after the massive protests carried out by the people of Hong Kong.  A source close to the Hong Kong government said that Lam’s purpose for … Read More

Deciding The Future of Global From Asia. What do you want to hear about?

Dear Readers, As some of you have seen, I’ve been a bit emotional lately. It is because the busines world as we knew it is being turned upside down. Global From Asia started in Oct 2013 as a podcast to help online business owners learn about running an international business from Hong Kong. As the podcast intro used to say: … Read More