Join Us In Searching For Shangri-La (No, Not the Hotel Chain)

Dear Readers, Yes, many may think I have lost my mind. Maybe that is a good thing. And if that is what you call it – I suggest you try it – we should separate our minds from our brains anyway. This week’s podcast is a follow on style of last week’s “transformation” podcast. The world is changing, and last … Read More

Episode 300 released (and my 39th birthday)

Dear Readers, Greetings from China quarantine Shenyang, China. Today is my birthday, 39 years old. If you asked me last year where I would be on my birthday this year – never in a million years would I say back in China, and on top of that, in a Chinese quarantine. Maria Gee and I have the exact same birthday … Read More

Launching A Group Buy Factory Direct Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Readers, We just had a webinar a couple hours ago on the rapid changes in the space due to the Coronavirus and how to adjust, and will have 2 more sessions tomorrow. It is now or never. Watch as Video here. The people and their governments around the world have spoken. They urgently need medical supplies for the pandemic. … Read More

It is About The People, Not The Politics (Great Quote + Interview)

Dear Readers, What an intense 2020 for sure. My wife and I were on BBC live radio last week (here’s the quick 3 min clip if you’re curious) talking about living apart during the Coronavirus saga. Trying to think of other topics to discuss, as it is consuming my mind space as well as everyone in the industry (have talked … Read More

Kicking Off New Year With Amazing Events (Friends & Ours)

Dear Readers, Hope everyone is prepared for the upcoming CNY (Chinese New Year) – the year of the rat. The last time it was the year of the rat was 2008, which my first Chinese New Year in Mainland China. Time is flying, and I wish all of you a good rat year – which technically doesn’t kick off until … Read More

Welcome To a New Decade [Some Plans For You]

Dear Readers, I’ll keep my letter short today. You’re welcome 😉 First up – Cross Border Summit So many of you have been excited for the fifth annual Cross Border Summit for 2020 – asking when and where it will be. Save the date – we are moving it out of China. Both because I don’t live there anymore but … Read More

Christmas Bugs in China [+ Life Calculator Motivation]

Dear Readers, Many of you have been concerned if I successfully made it to China. I’m here! Thank you for your concern and I wish you all a very happy holiday season. Upon arrival, my wife’s family had prepared dinner- the normal northern Chinese dumplings – but also some sort of bug larva. My son was so nervous to even … Read More

Preparing for Ice World [Plus Year End Survey]

Dear Readers, It is a bit chilly here in Chiang Mai, Thailand – typing up the newsletter here with a light sweatshirt on. This will be nothing compared to the frigid cold I will be entering on Friday going to Dong Bei (East North) China. Will have a v-log later next on MikesBlog for those curious. So I will be … Read More