Being Global From Asia – Japan Is A Must Include

Dear Global Business Enthusiasts, Japan Seems like a nice place in the world to be in, to me, doesn’t it to you? So let’s take a quick virtual trip to Japan. This week’s show we have Nick Katz, “The Japan Guy”, on the show sharing about Amazon Japan, and also some other ideas of channels and marketing in this fascinating … Read More

We Turned 7 Years Old [Content Upgrade]

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Time is flying – while most of us can’t wait until 2020 is over (myself included) – we do have a bit of a milestone here. Global From Asia just turned 7 years old. We started back on Oct 21, 2013 and the years keep flying by! One way we are celebrating is we are “upping … Read More

Finding The Team for Ecommerce (Garbagemen + Artists)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, We are back at the Ecommerce Gladiator program – and getting great feedback from the community already. We peel off a sliver of what we are doing (as this time a bit more “behind closed doors” in the gfavip community) and putting up today’s session as a GFA podcast. The topic – This is something I … Read More

Entering Golden Week (Tips for Q4)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, For those not in China – a week long holiday starting up today here in China – the Golden week. Hong Kong has two days off, Thursday and Friday. Mainland China will return from this holiday next Thursday October 8 – so don’t expect many replies from your factories or business dealings for a while. The … Read More

Free Webinar On Asia Business Growth Strategies (+Online Networking)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, As we enter Q4 of 2020, we want to invite you to a first of its kind webinar – not the normal one where you’re on mute and it is boring. An interactive webinar with virtual tables and virtual networking as well as amazing content to share on growing your business with Asia. Plus, we will … Read More

Keeping Up With the Joneses (More to it than that)

Dear Readers, Are you keeping up with the Joneses? For those not familiar with my slang, it means are you staying on top of the latest and greatest changes in business and the world. First of all, We need to stop that question. Being a father of 2 young ones, I see human nature at its core. And one of … Read More

Join Us In Searching For Shangri-La (No, Not the Hotel Chain)

Dear Readers, Yes, many may think I have lost my mind. Maybe that is a good thing. And if that is what you call it – I suggest you try it – we should separate our minds from our brains anyway. This week’s podcast is a follow on style of last week’s “transformation” podcast. The world is changing, and last … Read More

Episode 300 released (and my 39th birthday)

Dear Readers, Greetings from China quarantine Shenyang, China. Today is my birthday, 39 years old. If you asked me last year where I would be on my birthday this year – never in a million years would I say back in China, and on top of that, in a Chinese quarantine. Maria Gee and I have the exact same birthday … Read More