Is it OK to Get Personal? [Video]

Dear Readers, Greetings from Taipei! Huh, Taiwan? Was invited to take a trip here to host a workshop with the MOX accelerator and share about content marketing. With literally so many things happening – people have not been able to keep up. So what’s up with today’s email meaning let’s get personal? Just a quick note and reminder for those … Read More

Do You Hate Me? (Serious Question)

Dear Readers, This week’s podcast is one I was a bit hesitant to publish, but as with everything in life, those things you are most nervous to do are often the most rewarding. It is about why the rest of the world hates Americans. And yes, I am American. So – why would I say the rest of the world … Read More

[Video] Blushing While On The Road in Hong Kong

Dear Readers, Typing this up on the Airport Express in Hong Kong as I head to the Global Sources Summit. What an intense, intense few weeks – Bangkok, Guangzhou, and now Hong Kong. Last week we got through the trifecta (six years of Global From Asia, fourth Cross Border Summit, and fourth book – Ecommerce Gladiator) and from all of … Read More

Thank You, Now: As We Enter 2020

Dear Readers, Too early to start planning for 2020? Well, for me the year is wrapping up, typing this up on the final day of Cross Border Summit here in Guangzhou, China and getting some podcast recording done. The Ecommerce Gladiator book – I hope you were able to take advantage of the free Amazon kindle offer earlier this week … Read More

3 Amazing Things Happening Right Now (and limited freebie for you)

Dear Readers, Well, this is quite the trifecta. I wrote this a few days earlier than Oct 22 – but I will be living this trifecta moment as this email goes out. As you receive this letter, three amazing things are happening in this community all at the same time. Today: 1) Global From Asia turns 6 years old. Domain … Read More

Giving Out The Goods [Human or Bot]

Dear Readers, I often get people asking me if it is really me when replying on social media. That human element is still so critical. And this is what Will Tjernlund is sharing on today’s podcast – as well as at the Cross Border Summit next week. Can you believe it is just about 5 days away? But Will and … Read More

Preparing For The Speakers To Arrive (hyperactive lifestyle example)

Dear Readers, Can you believe it is in less than 2 weeks now? Our yearly (well it was almost a year and a half now) conference – Cross Border Summit – is Oct 22-23, 2019. Speakers are already asking the exact step by step instructions on how to get to the venue, the timing of masterminds, of speaking slots, of … Read More

Exciting Preparations with Danny McMillan

Dear Readers, With just a few weeks to go until our fourth annual Cross Border Summit, our email box has been full with the 20+ speakers, the confirmed attendees, the organizing team, and all the insanity from media and PR. Focusing on the event itself, we have amazing lineup of speakers and content – one of my favorites (sorry to … Read More

Meeting Friends & “Big Chinese Sellers” in Guangzhou, China

Dear Readers, Further down my travels from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and now to Guangzhou, China – meeting lots of amazing people. From the decade+ of my grinding and hustling in China – it’s great to know I still have such amazing friends. You can read all about my experience knowing that there are people who will find ways to … Read More

A Day In The Life As Business Development At An Acquisitions Firm

Dear Readers, Greetings from Shenzhen, China! As stated in last week’s newsletter, I have begun my 2 weeks road show in China – events and coordinating the last minute madness for the fourth annual Cross Border Summit. Many have been curious about what I’m doing as Director of Business Development at Alpha Rock Capital – which I joined once they … Read More