China is World’s Biggest Economy

People really enjoyed the article last week about Chinese app stores copying, and a few shared this Chinese mobile UI app trends with me to share this week (thanks Chi and Yohan)

Conquer the Dragon

I’m still stuffed from an amazing Thanksgiving dinner here in Shenzhen last week, hope everyone had an amazing holiday too. Was a business as usual workday in China though so most people had no idea why we were having a dinner party on a Thursday night!

Hunger Games Cancelled in China

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, let’s all be thankful for what we have today.

Big funding round last week for this startup -> Hong Kong Startup GoGoVan Wants to Be the Uber for Deliveries

Hong Kong protesters break into government building, four arrested

‘Hunger Games’ China release date canceled, likely due to ‘revolutionary’ political content

Hong Kong Lit By Stars

Alibaba record singles e-commerce day (way bigger than Western Black Friday by a landslide)

Post Mortem event is this Saturday in Hong Kong, I’ll be a speaker

Us Foreigners can now buy Chinese stocks, what that means

What the major cities in the world look like only under starlight, Hong Kong looks pretty cool (slide 3)

Book Published, Occupy Continues

Hot off the press, I have released my first book Hong Kong Business Supercharged. As newsletter readers and early birds, I am giving a $20 US dollar credit via this link*, you guys rock!

Hardware Maker Movement

Sending this week’s newsletter out a few hours earlier to catch any of you guys who want to see me speaking at an event tonight titled “Adventures of American Doing Business in China” at Paperclip Coworking space in Sheung Wan – its free!

Hong Kong Bitcoin & China Tips

StartupsHK is hosting a meetup with Silver Keskkula, the co-founder of – the search engine for digital nomads – to discuss the world of digital nomads and how doing a startup and being a freelancer in the tech space

Hong Kong Kickstarter Success

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