Asian Aviation Jobs Less Likely to be Cut

Asian aviation jobs are less likely to be cut as opposed to their European (EU) and United States (US). The head of the aviation industry association just reported on the standing of Asian aviation carriers. This head represents several of Asia’s biggest carriers.  He states that jobs in the Asian aviation industry are going to hold strong. This doesn’t necessarily … Read More

Covid-19 Changes How Chinese Restaurants Do Business

The Covid-19 virus has disrupted family values and drastically changed how Chinese restaurants do business. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many things. Apart from people’s health and lives, it has caused Chinese restaurants to rethink how they do business. This change can be seen via the long used utensils of choice: the chopsticks. Most, if not all, Chinese families prepare … Read More

Questions Raised Over China Free-Trade Port Plan in Hainan

Experts are raising questions and concerns regarding China’s new free-trade port plan to take place in Hainan. Early this month, China unveiled their plans for a new free-trade port in Hainan. It was released as a “special package” for Hainan. It included the initiative to take away any importing duties from Hainan. This way, Hainan could be transformed into a … Read More

Global Promotion on Cloud Event is on for the 127th Canton Fair

The 127th Canton Fair kicked off its promotion for the June 15-24, 2020 Online Event with a Global Promotion on Cloud Event for France. Held on June 2, 2020, this Global Promotion Event was attended by Ms. Gao Yuanyuan, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China in France, Xu Bing, Vice Secretary General and Spokesperson of the Canton Fair and … Read More

Beijing to Create Entity List to Rival US

Beijing is preparing to create their own entity list of businesses that will rival the one that the United States (US) has already made. The US Commerce Department just recently made a list. It was a list of more than 30 Chinese companies, firms, and institutions that were added to a blacklist. All of those added in the list were … Read More

India and Australia Sign Strategic Partnership

India and Australia have just come together and signed a strategic partnership. This took place as tensions between India and China continued to rise. India and Australia already had a great partnership with one another. However, due to both country’s problems with China, the relationship was ripe to be taken to the next level. Australia is having problems with China … Read More

UK to Sacrifice Free Trade Deal with China to Protect HK

The United Kingdom (UK) is willing to sacrifice their free trade deal with China in order to protect the citizens of Hong Kong (HK). The UK is not looking forward to a cold war with China. In fact, the foreign secretary of UK, Dominic Raab, insists that the two countries still have many areas where they can work together.  These … Read More

China Interested in CPTPP Trade Agreement

China has shown renewed interest in the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Agreement. The CPTPP agreement is a trade agreement from March of 2018. The countries included in the agreement are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Premier Li Keqiang just said last week that China would like to join these groups of … Read More

New Trillion Won Deal to Reshape S. Korea Economy

The South Korean government recently unveiled a new trillion won deal that will help revive and reshape their economy. The new deal has a value of 76 trillion won. This roughly equates to USD $62 billion. The government came up with this plan after the country was severely affected by the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the growth forecast of … Read More

Anger Mounts as US Takes Away HK Special Status

Anger among Hong Kong (HK) officials is mounting as the United States (US) is taking away the special status of the country. Last November 2019, the US government passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Under this act, sanctions can be placed on individuals who are threatening to undermine the autonomous nature of HK.  The ultimate goal of the … Read More