China Gives Billions of Vouchers to Jumpstart Spending

The Chinese government is hoping to jumpstart store spending by giving out billions worth of vouchers. The Chinese government has given out vouchers worth billions of yuan. It is their hope that people will go back to stores and start spending again after the pandemic has shocked people to stop.  Apart from the vouchers, the government has also added many … Read More

North Korea Reports Panic Buying

North Korea has just reported sightings of panic buying at certain stores at Pyongyang. The reports originated last Monday that some people were panic buying at certain stores and groceries. Sources reported this news to the NK News station.  This has resulted in more shelves coming up empty. Shortages for certain items are also becoming apparent. One cause for concern … Read More

India Stocks Continue to Rise for Two Days Straight

India’s stocks are on the rise for the second day in a row. The rise of India’s stock is mainly due to the relaxing of the country’s lockdown situation. This has given investors the push they needed to step up their purchasing. The investors have been purchasing riskier assets as the pandemic is seemingly easing.  The S&P BSE Sensex increased … Read More

China’s Toilet Paper Company Profits

China’s biggest toilet paper manufacturing company is experiencing their most profitable quarter since 2015. This is largely due to the pandemic leading to panic hoarding from Hong Kong to Sydney. While the source of the profit is easily identifiable, the reasoning behind it is a head scratcher. When the pandemic started, people in Hong Kong began to panic. They had … Read More

NATO Warns US and EU of China Stock Buying Spree

NATO has laid out a warning to the United States (US) and Europe of China’s stock buying spree. NATO has warned US and Europe that China is coming fast and furious with loads of cash. China is coming in with a lot of cash and taking advantage of the falling asset prices due to the pandemic.  The NATO Secretary-General Jens … Read More

India to Require Approval for Chinese Investments

India will be requiring further approval for all future Chinese investments. In the past two years, China has shown considerable interest in investing in India. These investments have reached almost USD $6 billion. However, the government of India is wary of these investments. They are specifically cautious of a hostile takeover.  In order to circumvent this, these investments will be … Read More

Reliance on China’s Manufacturing to Lessen

The Chinese CEO of an American company said that the reliance on China’s Manufacturing will lessen moving forward. Cao Dewang is the CEO of an American automotive glass plant. Recently, he was featured in the documentary American Factory. In it, he said that China’s pivotal role in the global supply chain may not stay after the Coronavirus pandemic.  Cao stated … Read More

Indonesians Face Job Loss and Poverty in Face of Recession

Millions of Indonesians will be losing their jobs and falling into poverty due to the upcoming recession. The Indonesian government stated that millions of citizens will be affected by the impending recession. They estimate that almost 4 million will drop into a level of poverty. Apart from that, more than 5 million people will be facing unemployment.  These figures are … Read More

247,000 Chinese Companies Declare Bankruptcy

Almost a quarter of a million Chinese companies have declared bankruptcy for the first two months of the year. Various countries have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. For those majorly affected, businesses have struggled through it all. China is no different. Both big and small businesses, restaurants, stores, and factories have both slowed down. Some have even ground to … Read More

Japan Pays Companies to Leave China

Japan will be paying companies in China to leave and relocate to other countries.  Like other countries, Japan has also prepared a stimulus package. This stimulus package will help out the country as it goes through the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has messed with the current supply chains of the world.  Their package is seen as one … Read More