Enjoying The Conversations We Have Been Having

Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback and interest in last week’s Cross Border Summit announcement. Seems from all the suggestions on speakers, format, and more – our fourth annual, this time in Guangzhou, Oct 22-23 is going to on a whole new level of epic. I’m heading to China next week to visit venues and will keep everyone here … Read More

Through The Roof

Man, I don’t think that The Donald is draining the swamp, so much as he is roiling it! I have written this week’s ‘weekly’ (more or less) column twice already and deleted same because they were stale dated before I could press the “send” button. Stress? Through the roof! How can anyone make future plans when the leader of the … Read More

Call For Speakers

Call For Trending Topics, Speakers, and More At Our Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit Oct 22 With the Spring trade show season wrapping up, many people missed our Cross Border Summit. The amazing feedback I have been hearing in the community has driven us to make our fourth annual even better. Guangzhou, China, Oct 22 and 23. Already, speakers, sponsors, … Read More

Building “Charming” Developments

One of the foremost lessons of Sun Tzu in The Art of War is that a good general does not seek to fight and always looks for an alternative, particularly a back door. The Government of Taiwan especially embraced this strategy when they started ‘encouraging’ investment in Mainland China, and indeed they subsidized almost all the losses that occurred to … Read More

Happy May Day Holiday, Let’s Talk Bootcamps and Summits

Dear readers, I have enjoyed having more of a conversation with you all over the last month or two. It has definitely made me change the style of these newsletters to be more of a conversation rather than a list of industry news. Much more people opening and responding, which is a positive sign. For those who have met me … Read More

Don’t You Just Love The Adjectives

To all you wonderful folks out there in la-la land, Happy May 1st….if you’re in (most of) Europe, you get a day off; in China, you are getting 3 days (and, no, you unacclimated Westerners, this does not necessarily amount to 5 days off as this Sunday is for most going to be a work day, and last Sunday for … Read More

If there’s no report, it didn’t officially “happen”

I hate to say it but it seems that we are getting to the point when it is going to be the inmates who are going to be running the asylum. In Dallas County, Texas, the District Attorney the other day said that they would no longer be prosecuting shoplifting under $750! Yes, you read that correctly….US seven hundred and … Read More

May you live in interesting times

To all you loyal readers clamoring for a resumption of the column, thank you and here it comes. For those of you just sparing a few seconds from an already hectic schedule, thank you for the time. I hope that you find the results to be both interesting and of assistance. Just to recap, every figure that I use is … Read More

Newsletter April 25, 2019

Greetings from Hua Hin – the kids are still on Songkran holiday and been taking them on a bit of an excursion. All you single digital nomads, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve started traveling with a family of 4 – this is next level complexity! Are you making the most out of your Amazon seller central account? For this … Read More

Newsletter April 17 2019

A Few Amazing Things Happening Life is so rich and so amazing, isn’t it? Here at Global From Asia, we think so – and today’s newsletter I really couldn’t pick just one topic to share with you – so am going with all three. Maybe you can tell me which one you think is the most exciting!? First, those following … Read More