What Insights We Have Been Getting On the Trade War

Dear Readers, Thank you for those who filled out the survey for this USA/China trade war last week. If you didn’t get a chance to fill it out yet – you still have time to have your voice heard! Fill out the survey here.   Don’t miss out on playing your part on this survey and having your voice heard. … Read More

Way Too Much Happening

First off, it was this, the 2nd week of June, that saw such a huge change for the better in the world’s fortunes 75 years ago. Nations put aside their differences and worked together to overcome the hate and tyranny espoused by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and proved that working together could be done and that the whole was greater … Read More

We Want To Hear From You – US/Trade War Response

Dear readers, For the past month the team here at Global From Asia has been getting quite a bit of inbound messages about how the trader and Amazon seller community has been responding to the US/Trade War situation. Literally I have talked on the phone to journalists from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and South China Morning Post about this. While … Read More

And They’re All Painted Black

Good morning – or, rather, it’s morning but there’s not much good about it news-wise. Everywhere one looks it seems like the Rolling Stones sang, “and they’re all painted black”. Just a few months ago economic pundits everywhere were extolling the ongoing economic expansion while casually drowning any meek voice of dissension in a flood of supporting drivel. And now … Read More

Making Seller Magic Happen in the UK

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week. I’m back in Thailand after an intense week in China last week and have some great podcasts lined up about it. Today I want to highlight my friend and fellow podcaster – Danny McMillan. Quite a few people I met on my China travels have enjoyed his Seller Sessions podcast … Read More

Just Saying!

Good afternoon…by the time you all (or should I say y’all) will be reading this, it will be Friday…so the 13th issue of Global Gab is coming out on a Friday – I did not and do not intend to make fun of anyone’s beliefs or superstitions….the reason that I pointed out such an abstract correlation is to clearly demonstrate … Read More

Exciting Times Ahead For the Community

Dear readers, Quick note while on the road (with limited, Chinese internet) here in Guangzhou. It has been an exciting couple days already and here’s a photo from our GFA round table this past Tuesday in Hong Kong: And as this is being sent out we’ll be having a workshop going on in Shenzhen. Don’t worry, we are hosting our … Read More

Enjoying The Conversations We Have Been Having

Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback and interest in last week’s Cross Border Summit announcement. Seems from all the suggestions on speakers, format, and more – our fourth annual, this time in Guangzhou, Oct 22-23 is going to on a whole new level of epic. I’m heading to China next week to visit venues and will keep everyone here … Read More

Through The Roof

Man, I don’t think that The Donald is draining the swamp, so much as he is roiling it! I have written this week’s ‘weekly’ (more or less) column twice already and deleted same because they were stale dated before I could press the “send” button. Stress? Through the roof! How can anyone make future plans when the leader of the … Read More

Call For Speakers

Call For Trending Topics, Speakers, and More At Our Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit Oct 22 With the Spring trade show season wrapping up, many people missed our Cross Border Summit. The amazing feedback I have been hearing in the community has driven us to make our fourth annual even better. Guangzhou, China, Oct 22 and 23. Already, speakers, sponsors, … Read More