India Jumps to 5th Largest Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just reported that India has jumped to the 5th largest economy in the world. The IMF measured India’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) last year. From this data, they saw that India has jumped over several powerhouse countries. These include the likes of the United Kingdom (UK) and France.  In 2019, the United States … Read More

Selling from Suitcases: Facing the Close of Electronics Haven Huaqiangbei

People have started selling electronics from bags and suitcases despite Huaqiangbei being closed. With the Coronavirus running rampant in China, many if not all shops have closed. The Chinese government is trying to contain the virus and stop its spread. One shopping district that has been affected is the Huaqiangbei.  Despite that, it has not deterred the businessmen who work … Read More

It is About The People, Not The Politics (Great Quote + Interview)

Dear Readers, What an intense 2020 for sure. My wife and I were on BBC live radio last week (here’s the quick 3 min clip if you’re curious) talking about living apart during the Coronavirus saga. Trying to think of other topics to discuss, as it is consuming my mind space as well as everyone in the industry (have talked … Read More

Japan to Continue Prep for President Jinping’s Visit

Japan and China have recently confirmed that they will continue their preparations for President Xi Jinping’s visit. China has been afflicted with the Coronavirus since late December. This has affected the country’s economy and social life. People have been asked to stay in their houses and transportation has been stunted.  The Coronavirus’ infectious rate has sparked speculations that President Jinping … Read More

China to Destroy Money for Coronavirus Safety

China will be destroying money as a precaution for the Coronavirus. China’s central bank plans on collecting banknotes from around the country. Specifically, they are targeting money that has been near areas where the Coronavirus was. These include hospitals, markets, and public transportation. They will be taking all the money and destroying. The central bank located in Guangzhou says that … Read More

New Indonesian Bill Threatens to Ignore Environment Concerns for Profit

Indonesia has just introduced a new environmental bill that threatens to ignore environmental concerns for profits. A bill was just submitted to the Indonesia parliament last Wednesday. The bill is called the Job Creation bill. This new bill is aimed at “opening up industries”.  Within the bill, there are proposals that will aim to relax the environmental requirements for certain … Read More

Huawei Charged for Stealing Trade Secrets from US

Huawei has just been charged for stealing trade secrets by the United States’ (US) Justice Department. The charges against Huawei were racketeering and the illegal taking of US trade secrets. The US has said that Huawei has been doing this since the start of the 2000s. This two decade stealing has added another layer to US President Donald Trump’s war … Read More

Philippine President Voices Termination of Visiting Forces Agreement with US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has just voiced his plan of terminating the visiting forces agreement (VFA) with the United States (US). President Duterte recently stated that he wants to end the VFA agreement with the US.This happened right after the US cancelled the visas of President Duterte’s ally.  This happened last month. The US government cancelled the visa of current … Read More


One of the major tests of how well the UK is going to fare on its own is how well it adjusts to and accommodates its trading partners – after all, trade is, in its most basic format, an accommodation …I’ll give you 3 of this if you give me 3 of that. It appears that, instead of being able … Read More

Coronavirus Troubles China’s Electronics Manufacturing

The Coronavirus is continually causing troubles for China’s electronics manufacturing. The Coronavirus is showing no signs of stopping. The number of cases and deaths continues to rise everyday.  Apart from the health aspects though, the Coronavirus has begun to infect other parts of people’s lives. In a general sense, the Coronavirus has affected many country’s economies. Due to the quarantine … Read More