China Puts Full Support in AI and Blockchain

China puts their full support in developing artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology domestically. The country sees these two technologies as important to the future. AI is a technology that many people are trying to develop. Most people look at AI and think robots with consciousness. However, the uses of AI are broader than that. One of the big uses … Read More

US Fast Tracks Hong Kong Bill

The United States is fast tracking their Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. This is being done due to the increasing violence of the prolonged protests. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act seeks to help Hong Kong as a whole. The target of the bill is to punish any people who have violated Hong Kong’s autonomy from … Read More

Hong Kong Universities Go Online in the Wake of the Protests

Several Hong Kong Universities have opted for their classes to go online. This is primarily due to the damages and inconveniences caused by the protests. The protests that have raged for months have spilled into Hong Kong’s universities. This past week, demonstrators and police fought in several universities.  In one particular skirmish, both sides aimed to take over a specific … Read More

The Black Plague Returns in China

The black plague has recently returned in two patients in China. It is also commonly referred to as pneumonic plague. This disease has made its mark in history. It is the disease that ravaged medieval times, taking millions of lives in the process. Centuries after, it has returned.  Most people know that the black plague killed millions of people around … Read More

Disneyland Profits Suffer from HK Protests

Hong Kong’s Disneyland theme park reports major losses amidst the protests in the country. Disney is currently enjoying a massive upswing in business. This was jump started by the quality films that Marvel Studios was creating. Avengers: Endgame managed to rake in more than a billion dollars.  Several titles are already lined up for Disney. The next phase of Marvel … Read More

Toxic Chemicals Banned by Thailand Rice Exporters

Thailand rice exporters have banned several toxic chemicals used for growing rice. A total of three chemicals have been banned.  The ban is set to take effect this coming December. Charoen Laothamatas is the president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association. Speaking for the group, he said that they support the government’s initiative to ban three chemicals. These chemicals are … Read More

China Approves New Seaweed-based Alzheimer’s Drug

China has just approved a new drug that will help patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is called Oligomannate. It is based on seaweed.  The news is particularly important. Successful efforts to battle Alzheimer’s are few and far between. It is a much needed win for people with Alzheimer’s disease. As one scientist in the field puts it, Oligomannate acts … Read More

Lest We Forget

Well, we are heading into the retail season – Singles Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas – but it has been a long time since I have seen a mood less exuberant. Almost everywhere one looks it seems that the inmates have taken over the asylum. In Hong Kong, the protesters are doubling down with increasingly strident demands underscored by unabated violent behaviour … Read More

India’s Pollution Reach ‘Unbearable’ Levels

India’s air pollution levels have recently reached unbearable levels. This has affected people’s health, construction activities, and even flights. New Delhi’s air pollution levels have reached alarming levels this past Friday. Government authorities stated that it has reached the highest levels it has known so far.  These levels were measured using the Air Quality Index (AQI). This measuring method looks … Read More

Do You Hate Me? (Serious Question)

Dear Readers, This week’s podcast is one I was a bit hesitant to publish, but as with everything in life, those things you are most nervous to do are often the most rewarding. It is about why the rest of the world hates Americans. And yes, I am American. So – why would I say the rest of the world … Read More