Blue Glow in Hong Kong Seas

Chinese New Years is coming, I’m sticking in Shenzhen but my father-in-law is going to hometown today for a month!

Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas are also disturbing
(photos too)

This one gives us all hope – a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong gets scholarship to NYU

94 iPhone Smuggler Caught

I feel more “zen” lately waking up at 6:15am daily, it’s a challenge but giving me huge benefits.

Crazy! A man arrested For trying to smuggle 94 iPhones Strapped to His Body into China from Hong Kong (pics)

Factory Direct to Consumer

A sad start to 2015 in Shanghai as 35 dead and 42 injured from stampedes at the New Years festivities, locals blame the “overflow of migrants” to the city.

My New Years Resolution

I’ll be going to an event “Waking Up with Dave McClure” of 500 Startups when he visits Hong Kong Jan 3 at 10am hosted by StartupsHK

Get Matched with a Chinese Partner

Christmas is almost here, wishing all of you all the best – I’ll be having turkey dinner at the Tavern in Shekou, Shenzhen if you are in the area, stop by!

China is World’s Biggest Economy

People really enjoyed the article last week about Chinese app stores copying, and a few shared this Chinese mobile UI app trends with me to share this week (thanks Chi and Yohan)

Conquer the Dragon

I’m still stuffed from an amazing Thanksgiving dinner here in Shenzhen last week, hope everyone had an amazing holiday too. Was a business as usual workday in China though so most people had no idea why we were having a dinner party on a Thursday night!

Hunger Games Cancelled in China

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, let’s all be thankful for what we have today.

Big funding round last week for this startup -> Hong Kong Startup GoGoVan Wants to Be the Uber for Deliveries

Hong Kong protesters break into government building, four arrested

‘Hunger Games’ China release date canceled, likely due to ‘revolutionary’ political content