Japan Falls Into Recession and Things May Get Worse

Japan has just fallen into a recession amidst this pandemic. Reports indicate that COVID-19 will continue to make things worse. Japan has the third largest economy in the world. However, within the first three months of 2020, Japan’s economy shrank by 0.9%. This is compared to data of the previous quarter.  While the fall of the economy comes as bad … Read More

Global Funds Finding Home in China’s Stocks

Global funds are finding their way to China’s stocks amidst market dislocations caused by pandemic. The head of flow tracking at EPFR stated that managers from around the world are reshuffling their holdings. This was triggered by the chaos in their own markets due to COVID-19. Some experts see this move as something that will continue through to the long-term.  … Read More

China Threatens Australia’s Iron Exports

China has just threatened to stop Australia’s iron exports pipeline to Beijing. China’s recent threat to Australia is what they describe as a “wake-up call”. This came about due to Australia’s inquiry into the COVID-19 virus. Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, called for an inquiry on where the virus originated.  The threat is a sizable one, as Australia … Read More

China Pressured to Write Off Country Loans

China is under pressure to write off loans that it has saddled on other countries.  Currently, numerous countries owe China money. This is mainly due to their massive infrastructure plan called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  The BRI is China’s plan to link multiple countries. It’s aim was to create networks through seas, rails, and roads. These networks would … Read More

Apple Eyes Production Shift from China to India

Apple is looking to shift its current production capabilities from China to India.  For the longest time, China has been the production hub of numerous companies. However, the pandemic has changed all that. With the country in lockdown and factories in a standstill, companies are starting to look for alternative solutions.  Tech giant Apple is one of these solutions. For … Read More

Participation Fee Is Waived For The Online 127th Canton Fair

The current global pandemic, COVID-19, caused many event organizers to either cancel or postpone events. The 127th Canton Fair was not spared of this necessary move of postponement. The initial schedule of mid-April did not push through. In early April, however, the Canton Fair organizers announced that the 127th Canton Fair will now be held online from June 15 to … Read More

Japan State of Emergency Extends; Restrictions Loosen

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has extended the country’s state of emergency, but is also loosening certain restrictions. Japan’s nationwide state of emergency is being extended until the end of May. Abe said that this month will be one where they will resolve the state of emergency. It is also a month of preparation for after the pandemic. While a … Read More

Oil Prices Drastically Drop from New US-China Trade Spat

Oil prices have significantly dropped again after another trade spat between the United States (US) and China. The pandemic is still on-going. It has already affected various countries, their economies, and businesses around the world.  Various countries though are beginning to “recover’. Or at least they think they are. Some countries are continuing to enforce their community quarantines. Others are … Read More

China’s Zijin Mining Warns PNG Over End of Gold Mine Lease

China’s Zijin Mining issues a warning to Papua New Guinea (PNG) if the lease for a co-owned gold mine is not renewed. Relations between China and PNG are currently rocky. Their continued relationship currently depends on a gold mine. This gold mine is owned by both China’s Zijin Mining and PNG’s Barrick Gold Corp.  The message from China is clear: … Read More

Join Us In Searching For Shangri-La (No, Not the Hotel Chain)

Dear Readers, Yes, many may think I have lost my mind. Maybe that is a good thing. And if that is what you call it – I suggest you try it – we should separate our minds from our brains anyway. This week’s podcast is a follow on style of last week’s “transformation” podcast. The world is changing, and last … Read More