China’s Rich Avoiding HK Asset Parking

China’s rich are now avoiding parking their assets in Hong Kong. Rich people from mainland China are straying away from placing their assets in Hong Kong. This started when Beijing placed new international laws on Hong Kong. The new laws ultimately stop anyone from Hong Kong from undermining China. Due to this, the mainland rich fear that authorities may steal … Read More

Singapore Jobs Faring Better than Hong Kong Counterpart

Singapore has been cutting far fewer jobs as compared to their Hong Kong counterpart.  The pandemic has hurt the economies of most, if not all, countries. All countries have been trying to cut costs by laying off staff. However, data shows that Hong Kong has been cutting twice as many jobs as Singapore.  A survey was given to various companies … Read More

China to Rush Anti-sedition Laws in Hong Kong

China is rushing to force national security laws – like it’s anti-sedition laws – on Hong Kong. The Chinese government has decided to force national security laws on Hong Kong without any further delay.  The protests in Hong Kong are still on-going despite the pandemic. With news of China’s sudden move, the protests continued. However, the police were there to … Read More

Turkey Makes Deal with Qatar as Economy Crumbles

Turkey has just made a deal with Qatar that hopes to keep their crumbling economy together.  Qatar is a new foreign source of foreign exchanges for Turkey. This move was done because authorities from Turkey are trying to stop their economies from crumbling altogether.  Banks from both Qatar and Turkey already have existing swap deals. This new deal will increase … Read More

US to Potentially Delist Chinese Companies

The United States (US) Senate has just passed a bill that could potentially delist Chinese companies from the stock exchange. A resounding round of approval came from the Senate last Wednesday. They had just passed a law that would potentially take out Chinese companies from listing their shares in the stock exchange. It could also end Chinese companies earning money … Read More

Keeping Up With the Joneses (More to it than that)

Dear Readers, Are you keeping up with the Joneses? For those not familiar with my slang, it means are you staying on top of the latest and greatest changes in business and the world. First of all, We need to stop that question. Being a father of 2 young ones, I see human nature at its core. And one of … Read More

Jack Ma Resigns From SoftBank Board Position

Jack Ma has decided to resign from the board of SoftBank.  SoftBank is a Japanese conglomerate based in Tokyo. It has stakes in a number of high profile companies around the world. These include companies like Alibaba, Slack Technologies, WeWork, Yahoo Japan, T-Mobile USA, and many more.  Apart from that, SoftBank also runs Vision Fund. It is the biggest technological … Read More

Japan Falls Into Recession and Things May Get Worse

Japan has just fallen into a recession amidst this pandemic. Reports indicate that COVID-19 will continue to make things worse. Japan has the third largest economy in the world. However, within the first three months of 2020, Japan’s economy shrank by 0.9%. This is compared to data of the previous quarter.  While the fall of the economy comes as bad … Read More

Global Funds Finding Home in China’s Stocks

Global funds are finding their way to China’s stocks amidst market dislocations caused by pandemic. The head of flow tracking at EPFR stated that managers from around the world are reshuffling their holdings. This was triggered by the chaos in their own markets due to COVID-19. Some experts see this move as something that will continue through to the long-term.  … Read More

China Threatens Australia’s Iron Exports

China has just threatened to stop Australia’s iron exports pipeline to Beijing. China’s recent threat to Australia is what they describe as a “wake-up call”. This came about due to Australia’s inquiry into the COVID-19 virus. Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, called for an inquiry on where the virus originated.  The threat is a sizable one, as Australia … Read More