Phase One Deal Signed in US-China Trade War

United States President Donald Trump has officially signed a phase one deal. This deal moves the US-China trade war forward after months of standstill. President Trump signed the trade deal with top Chinese officials who were visiting Washington. The agreement finally comes after more than two years of back and forths and disagreements. The agreement has many considerations and is … Read More

Kicking Off New Year With Amazing Events (Friends & Ours)

Dear Readers, Hope everyone is prepared for the upcoming CNY (Chinese New Year) – the year of the rat. The last time it was the year of the rat was 2008, which my first Chinese New Year in Mainland China. Time is flying, and I wish all of you a good rat year – which technically doesn’t kick off until … Read More

China Set to Unveil New Digital Currency DCEP

China is set to unveil their new digital currency. It has been reported that it will be called DCEP. The central bank of China released a statement saying that preparations for the new digital currencies are nearing completion. All of these preparations relate to high-level strategies of DCEP. First of all, they have plotted out the standards regarding this digital … Read More

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen Re-elected; Beats Beijing Candidate

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen has just won the election, starting her second term in office. She beat out the candidate close to Beijing. Heading to the election, pre-election polls showed that Tsai had a massive amount of support. Despite this, the massive amount of votes she had garnered is still shocking.  Tsai was going against Han Kuo-yu. Han is representing … Read More

New Labour Rules Make Indonesian Trade Unions Rally

The Indonesia Government is prioritizing the revamp of several labour rules. The trade unions have caught wind of these planned changes and are taking to the streets to rally against it. The Indonesian government plans to relax several established labour rules. These rules have been in place for more than 15 years. The Indonesian government is trying to change the … Read More

Foreign Teaching Materials Not Allowed in China

A new guideline has just been enforced on China’s education system. The new guideline states that all foreign teaching material will no longer be allowed in China. This new ban on foreign teaching materials will apply to all primary and secondary schools. Both public and private schools need to adhere to it. The only exception would be senior year in … Read More

Major HK Government Change a First Since Start of Protests

The Chinese government has changed Hong Kong’s top liaison. This change is the first major government change since the protests started last year. Just as the new year rolled in, the Chinese government made their first significant change to Hong Kong’s government. Wang Zhimin, their top representative to Hong Kong coming into the year, was replaced with Luo Huining.  The … Read More

Fear Spreads Due to SARS-like Mystery Virus Outbreak

Fear spreads to Asian governments as SARS-like virus is detected in China. These include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. A mysterious illness has infected more than 40 people in China. The virus has flu-like symptoms. It includes fever and breathing difficulties. Health authorities think that these symptoms resemble that of the SARS virus. This virus originated … Read More

US to Send Japanese Astronauts to the Moon

The United States government is partnering with Japan to send Japanese astronauts to the moon. If the partnership between the United States and Japan pushes through, this will make Japan the second country to reach the surface of the moon. Consequently, it would be Japan’s first time to reach the moon.  The partnership has been brewing since early last year. … Read More