Satellite Images Reveal Missile Site Activity in North Korea

Satellite images have just revealed activity in a North Korean missile site. The North Korean missile site in question is the Sanumdong missile research center. It is currently located in Pyongyang. This site is critical due to its role in recent missile and missile engine tests.  The intelligence was gathered by several officials from the United States (US). These include … Read More

Textile Skills Framework Birthed from China-Pakistan Cooperation

China and Pakistan have agreed to have a textile skills framework. This new framework came from the recent China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC. The two countries have agreed to develop a textile cooperation framework. Under this framework, they will focus on textile skills training, garments, and even fibers made by people.  This came about after a one-day workshop. This workshop … Read More

Who Let The Rats Out?

On Saturday, according to the Chinese zodiac, it will be the Year of the Rat (although some people are now translating it as ‘mouse’) – I guess it depends on the lobby, LOL According to tradition, the zodiac rat (and all born under this sign) is smart, shrewd, and lucky – there are a lot of comments that I could … Read More

Coronavirus Spreads Domestic and International Problems

The Coronavirus from China is spreading more than just a disease. With the virus spreading, it is causing problems the world over. The Coronavirus is the latest unique disease to come from China. At its infancy, scientists and health workers thought it was SARS. However, new studies have seen enough differences to give it a new name. As of Wednesday, … Read More

North Korea Develops New ‘Fast’ Missile

A United States (US) general revealed that North Korea is developing a new type of missile. This new missile is said to be faster than most. This news was revealed by the second highest general in the US, General John Hyten. He is also the vice-chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs.  At a meeting in the Pentagon last Friday, … Read More

Japan Survey Reveals Desire for Better Foreign Resident Care

A recent survey revealed that the Japanese citizens desire a better environment and care for foreign residents in the country. The survey was carried out by the Japanese government. It was requested formally by Japan’s Immigration Services Agency. The survey asked more than 1,500 respondents, aged 18 and above. It took place over 10 days last November. This survey is … Read More

India Business Owners Protest Massive Amazon Investment

Small India Business Owners have rallied together and are starting to protest. They are currently protesting against the massive investment that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have announced for India. Less than one day ago, Bezos announced that they would be investing $1 billion into India. The purpose of the investment was to digitize both small and medium-sized businesses.  Apart from … Read More

Phase One Deal Signed in US-China Trade War

United States President Donald Trump has officially signed a phase one deal. This deal moves the US-China trade war forward after months of standstill. President Trump signed the trade deal with top Chinese officials who were visiting Washington. The agreement finally comes after more than two years of back and forths and disagreements. The agreement has many considerations and is … Read More

Kicking Off New Year With Amazing Events (Friends & Ours)

Dear Readers, Hope everyone is prepared for the upcoming CNY (Chinese New Year) – the year of the rat. The last time it was the year of the rat was 2008, which my first Chinese New Year in Mainland China. Time is flying, and I wish all of you a good rat year – which technically doesn’t kick off until … Read More

China Set to Unveil New Digital Currency DCEP

China is set to unveil their new digital currency. It has been reported that it will be called DCEP. The central bank of China released a statement saying that preparations for the new digital currencies are nearing completion. All of these preparations relate to high-level strategies of DCEP. First of all, they have plotted out the standards regarding this digital … Read More