Let’s Be Careful Out There

So I’m taking a break and decided to write the column today…I’m in the process of negotiating a reasonably complex deal between someone in Malaysia who wants to sell wood, someone in China who can cure and prepare it, someone in Pakistan who will do the final manufacturing, and someone in the USA who wants to buy the finished product … Read More

[Video] What To Expect In Guangzhou + Opportunities Coming

Dear Readers, Greetings from Bangkok – this summer has been quite a bit of travel and “hustle” for various eCommerce developments. Manila tomorrow – some exciting things coming so stay tuned. Quite a few questions about the format and style of this year’s Cross Border Summit – our first in Guangzhou – so I wrote up and then recorded – … Read More

Flakier Fake News

President Erdogan of Turkey – oh, hell, let’s call him Emperor…I mean the guy just moved into a new 1000 room (no, I am not making it up) ‘office’ so shouldn’t he have a title commensurate with the building? All right, then, if you insist, we’ll call him King….anyway, he’s gone through with the purchase of the Russian missiles and … Read More

Annoucement: ANZCOM South China Disbanding

Sad news today. Important ANZCOM News/ Follow Up & Farewell Jul 19, 6:22pm G’day Mike Michelini, You will recall we reached out early last month with the mail below. After reviewing the responses the clear consensus is that the universality of social media in south China renders the concept of formal organizations like ANZCOM effectively redundant. Consequently we have closed … Read More

It Is Happening: Early Bird Tickets For Cross Border Summit

Dear Readers, Just arriving back in Thailand from a 10 day trip to China – and things are cooking. Many have been asking, and it is a pleasure to announce we have opened up early bird tickets for our fourth annual Cross Border Summit! What started in April 2016, the Cross Border Summit has become Global From Asia’s main event … Read More

It Ain’t A Pretty Picture

I sat down to write what I thought would be a simple column but how this stuff adds up….it accumulates faster than Kangde Xin Composite Material Group Company’s manufacturing of profits; for those of you unaware, they didn’t just manufacture laminating film but also manufactured (sic) profits – from 2015 to 2018, RMB 11.9 billion of them ie. US$1.729 BILLION … Read More

Double Down in Vegas

Dear Readers, I am on the road again – passing through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Ningbo – seems I can’t stay away from this area. On the trip, I had a chance to catch up with Howard Thai – the Professor of Amazon – and an expert in our GFA community (also will be a speaker at our fourth annual … Read More

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Some interesting facts issued forth this past week – I use the word, “facts”, deliberately and advisedly as so much of what we read/hear today only loosely fits that classification (if at all). I am addressing not only the issue of fake news, however defined, but also the deliberate slanting of the raw data used to generate the so-named facts. … Read More

Contributor Spotlight: Bennett Little’s Global Gab Series

Dear Readers, One of the most valuable things about what has been budding here at Global From Asia is the community. The amazing people that have been discovered from the podcasts, blogs, and other nuggets of content via online and offline production. This week I want to spotlight Bennett Little. A regular reader of the newsletter last year he started … Read More

The Jerks Are Jerking Us Around

Good afternoon from Canada – land of the stockpiled canola and the embargoed pork.   Well, those of us concerned with international trade can breathe a little easier (but probably not for long). China and the USA have agreed to talk some more and, in the interval, Huawei gets a lifeline for parts and everyone else gets a lifeline from … Read More