New Labour Rules Make Indonesian Trade Unions Rally

The Indonesia Government is prioritizing the revamp of several labour rules. The trade unions have caught wind of these planned changes and are taking to the streets to rally against it. The Indonesian government plans to relax several established labour rules. These rules have been in place for more than 15 years. The Indonesian government is trying to change the … Read More

Foreign Teaching Materials Not Allowed in China

A new guideline has just been enforced on China’s education system. The new guideline states that all foreign teaching material will no longer be allowed in China. This new ban on foreign teaching materials will apply to all primary and secondary schools. Both public and private schools need to adhere to it. The only exception would be senior year in … Read More

Major HK Government Change a First Since Start of Protests

The Chinese government has changed Hong Kong’s top liaison. This change is the first major government change since the protests started last year. Just as the new year rolled in, the Chinese government made their first significant change to Hong Kong’s government. Wang Zhimin, their top representative to Hong Kong coming into the year, was replaced with Luo Huining.  The … Read More

Fear Spreads Due to SARS-like Mystery Virus Outbreak

Fear spreads to Asian governments as SARS-like virus is detected in China. These include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. A mysterious illness has infected more than 40 people in China. The virus has flu-like symptoms. It includes fever and breathing difficulties. Health authorities think that these symptoms resemble that of the SARS virus. This virus originated … Read More

US to Send Japanese Astronauts to the Moon

The United States government is partnering with Japan to send Japanese astronauts to the moon. If the partnership between the United States and Japan pushes through, this will make Japan the second country to reach the surface of the moon. Consequently, it would be Japan’s first time to reach the moon.  The partnership has been brewing since early last year. … Read More

Thailand Introduces Plastic Ban in 2020

Thailand has just introduced and enforced a plastic ban throughout the country for 2020 and moving forward. The spark that ignited this prohibition on plastic ironically came from the sea. Thailand has a new directive right now that aims to have the country plastic free by 2021. The reasoning behind it is that in banning plastic, it will also limit … Read More

Welcome To a New Decade [Some Plans For You]

Dear Readers, I’ll keep my letter short today. You’re welcome 😉 First up – Cross Border Summit So many of you have been excited for the fifth annual Cross Border Summit for 2020 – asking when and where it will be. Save the date – we are moving it out of China. Both because I don’t live there anymore but … Read More

50,000 Free Flights to be Given by Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has announced they will be giving out 50,000 free flights. The flights are slated to take place by mid 2020 during the summertime. Japan’s premiere carrier for flights have offered these free flight tickets. Japan Airlines (JAL) is also being supported by Japan’s National Tourism Organization and their Tourism Agency. The main reason behind the free offers is … Read More

Chinese Company to Open Water Mining Op in Australia

A Chinese company will be opening a water mining operation in Queensland, Australia. This endeavor hopes to bring water to a population that is rapidly running out of it. Currently, people in Queensland are living on water rations. The water supply is threatening to dry out soon.  The Chinese company is called Joyful View Garden Real Estate Development Resort Pty … Read More