Escapee from China’s Re-education Camp Shares Horrors

Uighur Muslim teacher escapes China’s re-education camps and shares the horrors she witnessed. Sayragul Sauytbay is a 43 year old woman of Uighur Muslim descent.  Her run-ins with the Chinese authorities began three years ago in 2016. At the time, the authorities were strengthening their surveillance on the Uighurs. This included confiscating SIM cards and installing security cameras. The authorities … Read More

China Rises Through “Ease of Business” Ranks

China rises through the ranks of countries that are easy to conduct business in. With this improvement, they have jumped over France.  The news was broken by a report from Washington. The ranking is based on the World Bank’s annual ranking. Last year, the second strongest economy in the world, saw themselves at the number 46th spot. In just a … Read More

Hundreds of Pakistani Children Found with AIDS

Hundreds of Pakistani children have been found with AIDS. Over 900 children have tested positive for it. This resulted in fevers that treatments could not quell. The news was broken by a report from the New York Times. Government officials followed the trail of this outbreak. They have tracked the root to one Doctor Muzaffar Ghanghro. Ghanghro was the pediatrician … Read More

[Video] Blushing While On The Road in Hong Kong

Dear Readers, Typing this up on the Airport Express in Hong Kong as I head to the Global Sources Summit. What an intense, intense few weeks – Bangkok, Guangzhou, and now Hong Kong. Last week we got through the trifecta (six years of Global From Asia, fourth Cross Border Summit, and fourth book – Ecommerce Gladiator) and from all of … Read More

Canadian Thanksgiving

It is very hard to believe that we have already hit 30 editions/episodes/epistles– hopefully you believe that it has been quality as well as quantity ? First and foremost, a shout-out of thanks to the reader (yes, there are some!) who brought to my attention that GG#29 gave the impression that I am in favour of the protestors’ directed violence. … Read More

HK Tourism Sector Receives HK$100 Million Government Support

Hong Kong’s tourism sector is getting massive support from the government. However, critics and those within the sector say that the support is ultimately meaningless. In response to the poor performance of the tourism sector, Hong Kong’s government decided to throw out a lifeline. They have offered HK$100 million in incentives to jumpstart the tourism sector. Edward Yau Tang-wah, the … Read More

Apple CEO New Chairman of Chinese University

Apple CEO Tim Cook has just been appointed as the chairman of Tsinghua University, specifically of the advisory board of its economics college. He is said to hold the role for at least three years. He will be replacing venture capitalist Jim Breyer who was part of the board since 2005. Breyer is also the founder and CEO of Breyer … Read More

Shopee Super Shopping Festival Explosion: Insights Beyond the Sale

Shopee’s Supper Shopping Festival was a resounding success. The recent sale extravaganza had positive results all around. Shopee’s Super Shopping Festival recently took place this past month. According to reports, the sales for this festival was three times more than than in the previous year’s. On the first day alone, the total sales came up to 187,606 pieces sold. One … Read More

Amazon Global Selling Sets Up Its Vietnam Team

Amazon Global Selling has just set up a team in Vietnam. The team was put together on the 18th of October, to help and work with other Vietnamese shops and stores sell their products globally online. Amazon Global Selling, the long standing program of Amazon that assists and provides technical and professional support to sellers, will be assisting the Vietnam … Read More

Thank You, Now: As We Enter 2020

Dear Readers, Too early to start planning for 2020? Well, for me the year is wrapping up, typing this up on the final day of Cross Border Summit here in Guangzhou, China and getting some podcast recording done. The Ecommerce Gladiator book – I hope you were able to take advantage of the free Amazon kindle offer earlier this week … Read More