Shopee Super Shopping Festival Explosion: Insights Beyond the Sale

Shopee’s Supper Shopping Festival was a resounding success. The recent sale extravaganza had positive results all around. Shopee’s Super Shopping Festival recently took place this past month. According to reports, the sales for this festival was three times more than than in the previous year’s. On the first day alone, the total sales came up to 187,606 pieces sold. One … Read More

Amazon Global Selling Sets Up Its Vietnam Team

Amazon Global Selling has just set up a team in Vietnam. The team was put together on the 18th of October, to help and work with other Vietnamese shops and stores sell their products globally online. Amazon Global Selling, the long standing program of Amazon that assists and provides technical and professional support to sellers, will be assisting the Vietnam … Read More

Thank You, Now: As We Enter 2020

Dear Readers, Too early to start planning for 2020? Well, for me the year is wrapping up, typing this up on the final day of Cross Border Summit here in Guangzhou, China and getting some podcast recording done. The Ecommerce Gladiator book – I hope you were able to take advantage of the free Amazon kindle offer earlier this week … Read More

NBA Fans Support Hong Kong Protests

Film producer Andrew Duncan procured 300 tickets. He provided those tickets to the activists where they showed their support by showing pro Hong Kong protest signs at the stands. These signs had messages like, “Human Rights Matter. Here + There,” and “Don’t let China buy our silence.” Apart from that, these supporters also wore t-shirts that had similar messages. These … Read More

3 Amazing Things Happening Right Now (and limited freebie for you)

Dear Readers, Well, this is quite the trifecta. I wrote this a few days earlier than Oct 22 – but I will be living this trifecta moment as this email goes out. As you receive this letter, three amazing things are happening in this community all at the same time. Today: 1) Global From Asia turns 6 years old. Domain … Read More

Billion Dollar Mystery Trades Prior to Trump’s Positive China Comments

Hours before United States President Donald Trump tweeted that business talks with China were moving forward well, a series of mystery bets valued in the billions took place. An investigation into the stock market was done by Vanity Fair. They saw that several lucrative trades were made prior to massive market-shifting news hitting the public’s perception. Throughout Trump’s incumbency, he … Read More

Japan Returns To Whaling

Japan has returned to hunting whales. This move comes 33 years after the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned all commercial whaling. This ban was set in place to allow for whales to repopulate and get their numbers back up. Some estimate that Japan has been whaling since the 12th century. This date could actually be earlier though. The Japan Whaling … Read More

Giving Out The Goods [Human or Bot]

Dear Readers, I often get people asking me if it is really me when replying on social media. That human element is still so critical. And this is what Will Tjernlund is sharing on today’s podcast – as well as at the Cross Border Summit next week. Can you believe it is just about 5 days away? But Will and … Read More

China Requiring Facial Scans for Phone and Internet Services

Chinese citizens are now being required to submit to facial scans to sign up for internet or get a new mobile number. The Chinese government will be implementing this new piece of legislation on the first of December. Starting then, telecommunication companies will need to scan the faces of their people. Apart from that, the new legislation will also prevent … Read More

Stand With Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is not just a city – it is a state of mind. It is hard to believe that just 74 years ago this modern beautiful of Hong Kong city was, for the most part, rubble and bok choy fields populated by the emaciated survivors of the Japanese Friendship (sic) Sphere. Just 4 years later it was over-run with … Read More