Wild Boars Roam Hong Kong Mall

The weather is amazing here in Shanghai, China – here for about a week meeting Chiense education centers for some business development action – city is so busy gets my juices flowing!

Blue Glow in Hong Kong Seas

Chinese New Years is coming, I’m sticking in Shenzhen but my father-in-law is going to hometown today for a month!

Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas are also disturbing
(photos too)

This one gives us all hope – a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong gets scholarship to NYU

94 iPhone Smuggler Caught

I feel more “zen” lately waking up at 6:15am daily, it’s a challenge but giving me huge benefits.

Crazy! A man arrested For trying to smuggle 94 iPhones Strapped to His Body into China from Hong Kong (pics)

Factory Direct to Consumer

A sad start to 2015 in Shanghai as 35 dead and 42 injured from stampedes at the New Years festivities, locals blame the “overflow of migrants” to the city.