Sad, Very Sad, Yugely Sad

Well, it’s been 3 days since my last rant and, judging by the amount of immediately favourable responses, maybe I should give up on reporting the news and stick to rants and raves LOL All joking aside, though, there is a lot of news out there and it is often difficult for the well-intentioned person to find it amongst the … Read More

China’s TikTok Caught Spying on Millions of iPhone Users

China’s video sharing app TikTok has been caught spying on millions of iPhone users. Earlier this year, Forbes writer Zak Doffman reported on a technical issue with iOS 14. The exploit allowed for people to access the clipboard on a person’s device. Doffman warned that this exploit could be used to abuse the privacy of users. This exploit was fixed … Read More

Most of China’s BRI Projects Abroad Hit By Pandemic

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects abroad have been adversely hit by the pandemic. The BRI is a billions worth plan from China. This project was launched back in 2013 when President Xi Jinping came into office. It has several objectives. First, it is to extend its influence in foreign countries. It will also boost China’s trade and investment. … Read More

“V” Stands For?

Hi – I hope that all are well, wearing their masks, and washing their hands. I had already spent about 10 hours making and arranging notes for this column but then decided to instead write free-style about something that affects all of us. Remember when people used to declaim about “the good old days”? Generally they were ‘old’ ie. 60+. … Read More

Huawei Backed by Chinese Military, Says US

The United States (US) Department of Defense says that Huawei is owned by the Chinese military. Apart from Huawei, they go on to say that the top 20 Chinese companies are also backed or owned by the Chinese military. These include video surveillance company Hikvision, and Chinese telecommunication companies China Mobile and Avic to name a few. All of these … Read More

Singapore Picks Nokia and Ericsson to Build 5G Networks

Singapore’s telecommunication companies have chosen Nokia and Ericsson to help build fifth generation (5G) networks. Singapore’s biggest wireless network companies have chosen Nokia and Ericsson over China’s Huawei. These companies will help build 5G networks all across Singapore. The decision comes at a time when the United States (US) and China continue with their disputes. One consequence of these disputes … Read More

Majority Want to Continue Telecommuting After Pandemic

Majority of respondents from a survey said that they want to continue telecommuting even after the pandemic has ended. The Japanese government recently conducted a survey regarding the current work practices. Of all the respondents, 70% stated that they want to continue telecommuting – or working from home – even after the pandemic is over. Of those 70% in favor … Read More

China Suspends Chicken Imports from Tyson Foods

China has just suspended chicken imports from United States (US) company Tyson Foods. This happened after their facility in Arkansas tested positive for the Coronavirus. China stated that they suspended the import of Chicken from Tyson Foods due to hundreds of Coronavirus cases. These cases were found in a plant in Arkansas. The Chinese government noted in a news release … Read More

New Coronavirus Found in Beijing’s Seafood and Meat Products

Heavy traces of the new Coronavirus were just found in certain seafood and meat products in Beijing. An analysis of seafood and meat trading sections in Beijing has shown that they are heavily contaminated with the new Coronavirus. This new report came out just as a resurgence of new Coronavirus cases appeared in China. These new cases over the past … Read More

India to Boycott Chinese Goods After Border Battle

India has called for the boycott of all Chinese goods after the border battle turned bloody this past week. Apart from boycotting Chinese goods, the Indian government has added more actions to hurt China. For one, they have blocked any and all investments from China. They have also increased tariffs on certain Chinese products. The Indian government has shed specifics … Read More