Pentagon Puts China as the Top Military Priority

The United States’ Pentagon has put China on top military priority. China has taken the place of Russia as the top priority. On the economic front, the United States and China have painted a picture of cooperation and progress. Both sides have been saying that the trade deals are moving down the right path. However, things seem farther from the … Read More

China Threatens Germany if Huawei 5G is Pulled

China has threatened Germany if they were to follow through on pulling the Huawei 5G technology. China threatens retaliation if Germany pulls Huawei Technologies Co. from being the suppliers of the latest 5G wireless technology. The threat was not wholly empty though. The Chinese ambassador brought the millions of German cars being sold in China into the picture.  He stated … Read More

China Eyes Macau as Next Hong Kong

China is eyeing Macau as its financial center akin to Hong Kong. It is no secret what has been happening in Hong Kong over the past few months. Protests have been raging ever since the extradition was brought onto the table. Since then, protests have been escalating at a maddening pace.  With how crazy it has gotten, the world has … Read More

Recent Survey Reveals Japanese Youth Low on Aspirations

A recent survey revealed that young Japanese citizens have low levels of hopes and aspirations. This survey was done by the Nippon Foundation. They interviewed over 9,000 citizens under the age of 18 in nine countries. The overall status of the survey shows that the younger generation in Japan have a bleak outlook on their country’s future.  It is quite … Read More

The Passing Of The China Expert Baton [podcast & feedback from last week]

Dear Readers, One of my favorite updates in 2019 was turning this newsletter from a list of news in the industry to a more focused personal “letter” to you each week. Last week I received quite a bit of replies and insights about my fear and loss of sleep on re-entering Mainland China for Christmas – here’s some who allowed … Read More

China Exports Continue to Fall

The exports of China have continued to fall this month. This marks the fourth straight month where China’s exports have decreased. Chinese exports to the United States showed another decline this month. The exports have declined by 1.1%. People may see this figure and scoff at it. However, when people realize that the exports have been declining for the past … Read More

China Orders Removal of Foreign Hardware and Software

The Chinese government has ordered their companies to remove all foreign hardware and software. They have given their companies a total of three years to do so. The removal of all of this tech is another consequence of the on-going trade war between China and the United States.  The trade war between the two countries has been going on for … Read More

China Incursions Near Japanese Islands Hit Record Number

China’s incursions to Japanese islands have hit record numbers. This year alone, China has gone into Japan-exclusive waters more than 1,000 times. Tension is in the air (and in the water) this year. China has aggressively been navigating its ships into Japan’s waters. These include government ships and even China’s own coast guard ships.  The number of times it has … Read More

America Passes Uighur Bill Against China

The United States has just passed the Uighur Bill. This bill will allow for sanctions to be placed on Chinese officials that have been harming the Uighur population. It comes as no surprise that the United States House of Representatives voted favorably for the Uighur bill. Just recently, they also showed overwhelming support for the Hong Kong Human Rights and … Read More

Going To China For The Holidays [Honestly Nervous]

Dear Readers, It will be a White Christmas for me this year – in snowy and cold Shenyang city – up north past Beijing in the North East region (aka Dong Bei) of the country. Why, you ask? My wife’s immediate family is under unusual health circumstances, and she wants us to spend time with them. And hey, its her … Read More