China Incursions Near Japanese Islands Hit Record Number

China’s incursions to Japanese islands have hit record numbers. This year alone, China has gone into Japan-exclusive waters more than 1,000 times. Tension is in the air (and in the water) this year. China has aggressively been navigating its ships into Japan’s waters. These include government ships and even China’s own coast guard ships.  The number of times it has … Read More

America Passes Uighur Bill Against China

The United States has just passed the Uighur Bill. This bill will allow for sanctions to be placed on Chinese officials that have been harming the Uighur population. It comes as no surprise that the United States House of Representatives voted favorably for the Uighur bill. Just recently, they also showed overwhelming support for the Hong Kong Human Rights and … Read More

Going To China For The Holidays [Honestly Nervous]

Dear Readers, It will be a White Christmas for me this year – in snowy and cold Shenyang city – up north past Beijing in the North East region (aka Dong Bei) of the country. Why, you ask? My wife’s immediate family is under unusual health circumstances, and she wants us to spend time with them. And hey, its her … Read More

North Korea Ballistic Missile Threat Looms Over Japan

North Korea has just threatened Japan with ballistic missiles. While the threat was said in passing from a state media report, it is still something that perks up people’s ears. Recently, Japan noticed that North Korea had been firing missiles last Thursday. They noticed a total of two missiles fired. They came from the South Hamgyong province and landed in … Read More

China Weaponizes Smartphone for Surveillance

China has weaponized smartphones for surveillance purposes. Forbes has published an article revealing a file sharing app is being used to target the Uighur Muslim popoulation in China. Back in 2012, a China app developer unveiled Zapya. The pitch was that Zapya was for file sharing. They said that the app made it easier to share files between people. Users … Read More

The Turkeys are a-Clucking

My wife has suggested, make that strongly suggested, that I make these articles shorter….I replied that our name is Little but there is lots of news! ? All kidding aside, this column is starting to have a serious impact on my time. I don’t think any of you realize exactly what it takes to collect apparently important material, winnow it … Read More

China Warns Against CO2 Border Tax

China has released a statement warning against the impending Carbon Border Tax. China says that this European proposal will ultimately hinder the fight against climate change instead of helping it. The European Union (EU) floated the idea of a carbon border tax last October. It acts as a sort of shield for any imports that don’t comply with the greenhouse … Read More

Asian Markets Weaken Over Trump’s Signing of Hong Kong Bill

The position of Asian markets have just weakened. This happened right after United States President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong bill supporting the protesters. Several Asian markets were affected by the bill’s signing. Apart from China, it also affected Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.  The decreasing was held to less than one percent for each market. The biggest … Read More

South Korea and Japan Extend Military Intelligence Sharing Pact

South Korea and Japan have agreed to extend their military intelligence sharing pact. Earlier this week, it was unsure whether the pact would be extended. The decision came at the last minute.  The pact between South Korea and Japan is called the General Security of Military Agreement (GSOMIA). This pact will open lines between the two countries. The open communication … Read More

Hong Kong’s Rich Planning Escape Routes for Their Money

The rich citizens of Hong Kong are planning escape routes for their money. Several banks are reporting on some activity from Hong Kong’s rich. There are rumblings from the biggest banks and bankers. They say that the wealthy and affluent of Hong Kong are opening several offshore accounts. This is the response if the protests get way out of hand.  … Read More