China Suspends Entry of Any Foreigners

China has just announced that they will be suspending the entry of any and all foreigners into the country.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China just announced the temporary suspension of foreign nationals. This was done to curb the non-stop spread of the Coronavirus.  The suspension encompasses all foreign nationals. These include those foreigners with … Read More

Launching A Group Buy Factory Direct Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Readers, We just had a webinar a couple hours ago on the rapid changes in the space due to the Coronavirus and how to adjust, and will have 2 more sessions tomorrow. It is now or never. Watch as Video here. The people and their governments around the world have spoken. They urgently need medical supplies for the pandemic. … Read More

New Drafted Law Stops Wildlife Trading in Vietnam

A law will be drafted that looks to put an end to Vietnam’s wildlife trading. The new directive against the wildlife industry came from Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc. He directly asked the country’s agriculture minister to draft a law to stop illegal trading and consumption of various wildlife species.  The motivation was to stop any harmful and infectious … Read More

South Korea Announces East Asia’s First Climate Manifesto

South Korea has just announced East Asia’s first ever climate manifesto. The public party currently ruling over South Korea just made a monumental decision. This decision will aid the world in repairing and improving our climate. They have just introduced the “Green New Deal”.  The Green New Deal is a comprehensive plan that will look at and respond to the … Read More

Wuhan Has No New Local Cases Since Outbreak

China has reported that Wuhan has had no new local cases of the Coronavirus since the outbreak began. China’s health commission confirmed that there have been no new local transmission cases of the Coronavirus. This marks a major milestone in the fight against the pandemic. It is especially important since it has taken place in ground zero of the outbreak, … Read More

Japan Flu Treatment Effective Against Coronavirus Says China

Medical experts and authorities in Chinese have praised a flu treatment from Japan. They praise its “clear effectiveness” against the Coronavirus. This new treatment is currently being used to treat an influenza strain. The Japanese media revealed this in a report last Wednesday. The new treatment is called favipiravir. It is currently being developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm.  One … Read More

China’s Economy Shows Massive Contraction

Recent data suggests that China’s economy is poised for a massive contraction. Data has just been prepared on China’s economy. This data looks at various industries of China. These include the industrial industry, investments, and retail as well. The data was collated and reported in a combined way. This is to account for normal seasonal swings. The data was released … Read More

South Korea Bans Short Selling for Shares

The financial regulation of South Korea has just prohibited the short selling of certain shares on the Kosdaq and Kospi. This ban will start on the 16th of March and will last for six months.  Short selling is when a trader takes shares from a company via a broker. They would then sell them when they expect the prices to … Read More

Jack Ma Sends Coronavirus Aid to Europe

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has just sent essential important supplies to Europe. These supplies will aid Europe in the fight against the Coronavirus. Europe has become Ma’s latest target for aid. Recently, he had just donated more than USD$2 million to Australia to speed up the development of a Coronavirus vaccine. He also sent a million face masks to the … Read More

Worldwide Food Concerns Overshadowed by the Coronavirus

With news of increased Coronavirus cases and lockdowns always present, worldwide food concerns have been largely overshadowed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently elevated the Coronavirus to a pandemic. Thus, it is now classified as a disease in most corners of the world.  Global news all but confirms this new classification. Every day, there is news about new cases … Read More