China to Strategically Purchase Oil After Price Crash

China is planning to strategically purchase oil for their federal reserves. This move was prompted by the oil’s massive price crash. The Chinese government has a plan to fill up their federal reserves. The news was reported by people who have knowledge on the situation.  China is already the biggest importer of oil. Now, they are taking advantage of a … Read More

Episode 300 released (and my 39th birthday)

Dear Readers, Greetings from China quarantine Shenyang, China. Today is my birthday, 39 years old. If you asked me last year where I would be on my birthday this year – never in a million years would I say back in China, and on top of that, in a Chinese quarantine. Maria Gee and I have the exact same birthday … Read More

Chinese Wet Markets Still Continue Operations

Despite the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the wet markets in China still continue their operations.  When the virus was labelled a pandemic, people started to avoid these wet markets. However, with news of local cases plateauing in China, people have come back to the wet markets they once frequented.  The Wuhan Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, the supposed ground zero … Read More

Japan Next Country to Ban Entry on Foreigners

Japan is set to be the next country that bans entry of foreigners. A spokesman of the Japanese government stated that they will not be declaring a state of emergency yet for April. They released the statement in hopes of quelling fears for the first-ever lockdown in Tokyo.  The top spokesperson of the government spoke about this. He said that … Read More


I am sorry to say that it seems to me that almost the entire cast of characters leading the world’s countries seem to be cut from the same sorry bolt of defective cloth – to wit in no particular order: As you can easily surmise, given a cast of characters exhibiting such a deficiency of smarts (except where their own … Read More

China Factories Reopen to Massive Layoffs

China factories have reopened only to layoff people due to the worldwide effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. Recently, the number of local cases in China allegedly began to wane. Seeing it as an opportunity to improve their economy, the Chinese government greenlit the reopening of factories all over the country.  One reopened factory made thousands of blazers and suits prior … Read More

India Announces Billion Dollar Stimulus Package

India has just announced a new billion Dollar stimulus package that will work for the millions affected by the Coronavirus. India’s new program will cost some 1.7 trillion rupees or more than USD $22 billion. The package was designed to help out people transition in and out of the new 21-day lockdown program. This past Wednesday, a lockdown was placed … Read More

China Suspends Entry of Any Foreigners

China has just announced that they will be suspending the entry of any and all foreigners into the country.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China just announced the temporary suspension of foreign nationals. This was done to curb the non-stop spread of the Coronavirus.  The suspension encompasses all foreign nationals. These include those foreigners with … Read More

Launching A Group Buy Factory Direct Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Readers, We just had a webinar a couple hours ago on the rapid changes in the space due to the Coronavirus and how to adjust, and will have 2 more sessions tomorrow. It is now or never. Watch as Video here. The people and their governments around the world have spoken. They urgently need medical supplies for the pandemic. … Read More

New Drafted Law Stops Wildlife Trading in Vietnam

A law will be drafted that looks to put an end to Vietnam’s wildlife trading. The new directive against the wildlife industry came from Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc. He directly asked the country’s agriculture minister to draft a law to stop illegal trading and consumption of various wildlife species.  The motivation was to stop any harmful and infectious … Read More