Keeping Your New Years Resolutions?

This week: Chinese people’s favorite American TV shows, missing booksellers, McRugees make headlines and more. Happy 2016 everyone, I’m sure you’re all as excited as me – let’s keep chipping away at those new years resolutions. I like to break it up by week and check in each Sunday evening on how things are going.

Saint Nick Down Chinese Chimneys

This week: Linkedin founder sizes up China, Apple vs Chinese Tech, Vtech hacker updates & more..

Just a couple more days til old Saint Nick comes down the chimney here…

Hong Kong Christmas Means No Air Conditioners

This week: Alibaba taking over HK news, HK censorship coming?, Masterminds, and more!

Christmas is coming! The malls in Hong Kong have turned off the air conditioner and cranked up the Christmas music! I’ll be here – well Shenzhen side technically…

Singapore Richer Than HK?

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Michael Michelini (@michelini) here. You’re getting this email because you requested my periodic thoughts on international business from Hong Kong. [Edit: Actually, it’s possible that you’ve never gotten an email from me. Somebody might have just given you the link to this page, which is an online archive of an email that I sent to folks … Read More

Soccer Between Hong Kong & China Spurs Tempers

MIT coming to Hong Kong, China vs HK – soccer edition, an awesome HK day/night time lapse, and more this week.

Happy hump day! Been in Hong Kong since Sunday night, my longest streak here since probably 2011!