Soccer Between Hong Kong & China Spurs Tempers

MIT coming to Hong Kong, China vs HK – soccer edition, an awesome HK day/night time lapse, and more this week.

Happy hump day! Been in Hong Kong since Sunday night, my longest streak here since probably 2011!

Wild Boars Roam Hong Kong Mall

The weather is amazing here in Shanghai, China – here for about a week meeting Chiense education centers for some business development action – city is so busy gets my juices flowing!

Blue Glow in Hong Kong Seas

Chinese New Years is coming, I’m sticking in Shenzhen but my father-in-law is going to hometown today for a month!

Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas are also disturbing
(photos too)

This one gives us all hope – a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong gets scholarship to NYU

94 iPhone Smuggler Caught

I feel more “zen” lately waking up at 6:15am daily, it’s a challenge but giving me huge benefits.

Crazy! A man arrested For trying to smuggle 94 iPhones Strapped to His Body into China from Hong Kong (pics)