Preparing For The Speakers To Arrive (hyperactive lifestyle example)

Dear Readers, Can you believe it is in less than 2 weeks now? Our yearly (well it was almost a year and a half now) conference – Cross Border Summit – is Oct 22-23, 2019. Speakers are already asking the exact step by step instructions on how to get to the venue, the timing of masterminds, of speaking slots, of … Read More

China Breeds Polar Bear-sized Pigs

China is currently breeding pigs that are as big as polar bears. The pigs are currently being bred in a farm in the southern part of China. These massive pigs will be part of a herd that will be used to breed even more of them.  Tibet Pigs in China Why the Big Pigs? China is going through a pig … Read More

iOS Store Pulls then Returns HK Protesters Safety App

Early this week, Apple’s iOS store pulled the Hong Kong protesters safety app. The safety app is called HKmap Live.  The safety app was being used by the Hong Kong protesters to garner valuable information. These pieces of information include where protests are taking place and what kind of police activity is taking place. The makers of HKmap Live state … Read More

Samsung Pulls Smartphone Production Out of China

Samsung has pulled all smartphone production out of China. The decision came due to the low market shares the company has in the country.  It is to be noted that China is known as the leading smartphone market in the world. It is the country that sells and uses the most smartphones.  For the longest time, Samsung has held the … Read More

Hong Kong Protests Drastically Drop Hotel and Airfare Rates

Current Hong Kong hotel and airfare rates have drastically dropped due to the sustained protests. The hotel rates have dropped to as low as $7 (USD), while the airfare rates are at $150. (USD)  Hotel? Apartments? Or Hotel Apartments? Winland 800 Hotel is a three-star hotel in Hong Kong. It can be found in the Tsing Yi district. It has … Read More

Who’s Laughing Now?

It’s now the day after China’s National Day – 70 years since Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tung) oversaw the raising of the flag of the People’s Republic of China on October 1st, 1949, at the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen) in Beijing. So much has transpired in this iteration of China that for me to even attempt a synopsis, less … Read More

Exciting Preparations with Danny McMillan

Dear Readers, With just a few weeks to go until our fourth annual Cross Border Summit, our email box has been full with the 20+ speakers, the confirmed attendees, the organizing team, and all the insanity from media and PR. Focusing on the event itself, we have amazing lineup of speakers and content – one of my favorites (sorry to … Read More

Saudi Arabia Strips Dress Code for Female Foreigners

For the first time in history, Saudi Arabia will be relaxing the female dress code for female foreigners who are coming in to their country. Opening Doors Women who live in Saudi Arabia must wear an “abaya” at all times. This is the long black garment that covers most of their bodies, save for their hands and face. Even when … Read More

Hong Kong Real Estate Prices Stay Strong Amidst Protests

Hong Kong real estate prices and demand stay strong despite roaring protests.  For the past few months, the people of Hong Kong have been engaging in massive protests against the government. Due to these events, tourism and retail profits have declined.  However, one thing that has not wavered is the demand and the sky-high prices of real estate in Hong … Read More

Meeting Friends & “Big Chinese Sellers” in Guangzhou, China

Dear Readers, Further down my travels from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and now to Guangzhou, China – meeting lots of amazing people. From the decade+ of my grinding and hustling in China – it’s great to know I still have such amazing friends. You can read all about my experience knowing that there are people who will find ways to … Read More